Morton’s neuroma: Causes and Treatment

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Morton’s neuroma — a benign tumor of the fibrous nature, overgrowth of tissue in the area of the plantar nerve, most often occurs at the base of the third and fourth toes on the foot. Mostly one-sided loss, rarely on both sides at once. In most parts of the disease affects women.

Morton’s neuroma Causes

The main causes of fibroids Morton — nerve compression zone between the heads of the metatarsal bones in the foot. The disease is triggered by a transverse flatfoot, including traumatic, wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes with narrow toes and high heels, fractures, hematomas in the foot. Risk factors for atherosclerosis are neuroma of lower limb vessels, increasing the load on the foot during prolonged walking or running, with excess body weight.

Morton’s neuroma Manifestations

The first symptoms of the disease are associated with nerve compression and irritation of inflammation. The initial stage of the disease gives a feeling of numbness, there is pain and uncomfortable in wearing shoes. Typically, the first complaints arise when wearing tight shoes or high heels, with long pedestrian walks or jogging. As the disease progresses there are sharp pain in the foot, increasing pain transverse compression of the foot or shoe arms. In place of neuroma formation, many patients complain of a feeling of a foreign object.

The disease has a fluctuating course — symptoms worsen or disappear due to the loads. The more and more people goes, the more pain in the foot. When removing shoes and kneading foot pain subside. As the neuroma pain grow, become pulsating, becoming at some point constant, not depending on the shoes and load.

Morton's neuroma: Causes and Treatment

Morton’s neuroma Diagnostics

Diagnosis begins with a Morton’s neuroma questioning and patient complaints. With proper and careful examination of the foot of specific diagnostic tests the diagnosis becomes clear. For the differential diagnosis is necessary to conduct X-ray of the foot in two projections and, if necessary, magnetic resonance imaging.

Morton’s neuroma Treatment

There are conservative and operative treatment of Morton’s neuroma. At the beginning of the complex of therapeutic measures aimed at reducing the pressure in the nerve. How to treat each individual patient decides orthopedic surgeon. First of all, we need a change of shoes to a spacious and without a heel. You can use special orthopedic design — arch supports and insoles. For the relief of pain and treatment of inflammatory non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs used row. In the case of severe pain shows the introduction in place of localization neuroma hormones mixed with anesthetic.

When running neuroma or ineffectiveness of conservative therapy surgical treatment — removal of neuroma under local anesthesia, sometimes with a small fragment of the nerve. Either mezhnevralnogo carried expansion space in order to reduce pressure on the nerve. Typically excision leads to formation of neuromas numbness interdigital space area. After the surgery is necessary to wear special insoles. One day it is already possible to walk, gradually increasing the load on the foot.

Forecast at a Morton’s neuroma is favorable. With proper treatment, improvement occurs in all patients.

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