Moderate Physical Activity Improves Health and Prolongs Life

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A group of researchers at Karolinska Institute (Stockholm) in the new research has found that a walk in the park is much healthier than the intensity of exercise moderate physical activity in the gym or fitness center.

Researchers from Sweden have been able to prove that there is a simple but very effective method that will help to prolong life and avoid a number of health problems. As it turned out, walking or normal state helps to live a few years longer.

In the course of their research, scientists have found that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to the shortening of telomeres — the end portions of chromosomes.

What say science about the moderate physical activity?

Science knows exactly what telomeres, which are located at the ends of chromosomes, protecting them from damage, reduce the wear and sticking. Among the experts, known as telomeres unique biological clock of the human body. The longer end of the tail portion of the chromosome, the younger body. Since the start as telomeres shorten the process of decay of the body that triggers the aging process.

Moderate physical activity improves health and prolongs life

During their experiment, the scientists examined about fifty people at the age of 65 years. Each of the volunteers had problems with being overweight, and they prefer a sedentary lifestyle.

For six months of the experiment, 25 participants had to lead his normal life; others had to be regularly in the gym. Throughout the time, scientists have observed the participants of the two groups, while noting the level of moderate physical activity of volunteers.

Each of the participants had to keep a special diary in which to record the amount of time spent sitting or in the gym (depending on the group), as specialists take readings of pedometers.

Six months later, the researchers concluded that regular exercise strengthened the health of participants, but the decisive factor was precisely the time spent sitting. As it turned out, the less time it was held in a sitting position, the telomeres were longer and, therefore, increased and lifespan.

This study of Swedish researchers further confirms harm sedentary lifestyles.

In earlier studies, experts have already established, a sedentary lifestyle leads to heart failure and premature death, as a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of cancer.

However, excessive exercise can also have a negative impact on health and life expectancy. For example, a study by researchers from Pennsylvania showed that the long run is not the best way affects the health. According to experts, excessive moderate physical activity contributes to the rapid wear of the body, which ultimately leads to premature death.

Experts say that running is the best way to prevent a number of diseases and maintain the good shape, but jogging does not need more than 2-3 times a week, it should be time to plan so that on the training takes no more than 2.5 hours per week.

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