Mental Health Rehabs: How to Treat Addiction on the Internet in the USA

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Welcome to the world of Internet addiction treatment mental health rehabs. On the wave of fear of technologies covering all the stronger our lives, relevant institutions promise to help recover from the «plague of the XXI century.» Treatment is provided for adolescents and adults, ranging from clinical to non-traditional ways. Today, there are hospitals with an overnight stay, rest houses a la «digital-detox» treatment camps located in the wild and psychiatrists who prescribe drugs and psychotherapy sessions.

Most patients believe in the limitless rehabilitation programs for Internet addiction; insist that this treatment is life-changing. But for all the growing popularity of the industry relates to the assumptions and theories in medicine. Internet addiction is not listed as an official diagnosis in the Guide to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). But mental health rehabs experts do not agree that excessive attachment to technology should be considered as an obsession and expose it to any treatment.

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, Utah, a program of rehabilitation of Internet addiction in adolescents, provides parents with future patient’s special questionnaire for assessing the severity of the condition and determine the factors that led to the vigil at the computer many hours and marathons with a joystick consoles in their hands. Dangerous «bell» are the following: changes in eating and sleeping habits, unsuccessful attempts of parents to limit the time spent online.

What to say experts about mental health rehabs?

Mental Health Rehabs: How to Treat Addiction on the Internet in the USA

Experts in mental health rehabs, belief in the existence of Internet addiction, indicate that banal of counting hours spent on the network is not sufficient for diagnosis. They recommend paying attention to how much impact the use of the Internet on daily life. If affected by work, relationships with friends and family and health — we are talking about a real addiction.

A rehabilitation program for Internet addiction from Outback — and the restoration of mental health rehabs and «Adventure». She specializes in the treatment via remote, wild places, the development of autonomy and assistance in self-adolescents, depending on the technology. Patients learn to build fires, tie knots and build a refuge in the western desert of Utah. Several times a week, licensed mental health rehabs counselors conducted individual and group therapy sessions. In the course of these patients may reflect aloud about what caused the «unhealthy» entrainment technologies. The cost of the program — from 25 to $ 30 thousand.

Most of the people caught up in the Outback or other similar institutions in everyday life cannot break away from online games or have a compulsive need to constantly check Facebook or Instagram, continuously watching videos on YouTube or read nonstop Reddit.

There are some differences between Internet addictions in humans around the world. Advocates therapy argue that East Asia is in the lead in this matter, from her slightly behind the United States. But South Korea and China see the Internet depending on the threat to public health. But the country is quite difficult to compare, because diagnosis depends on a variety of cultural norms, differing depending on the particular area. In the US, rehabilitation centers mainly guided by experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addiction and gambling.

reSTART Center for Digital Technology Sustainability, located outside of Seattle, occupies five acres in Washington state and is more like a holiday home than a clinic for dependent patients. Members (the center does not use the term «patient») live in a holiday house from 8 to 12 weeks, visit visiting therapy sessions with licensed counselors and support groups that are based on the 12 steps of rehabilitation, which became widely known thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous. Animals that assist in the process of adaptation of participants also included here. Eight-week stay worth $ 30 thousand.

Here, learn to think about their attraction to the Internet as a dependency. And in order to prepare for the return of the «external world», make a plan to restrict the use of the Internet and a phased program of action that will help to avoid potential risks provoking a return to dependence. The rest of the points stay — a household: the participants prepare and clean up after themselves, viewing rooms takes place daily.

Slightly different looks Camp Grounded, the free tech summer camp for adults. The camp does not provide any information about the professional qualifications of mental health rehabs, but it continues to attract many people who believe they suffer from Internet addiction. Here are the main slogans and promise Camp Grounded: «No screens. No Filters. No Big Data. No agenda. No bullshit ». Tourists not allowed to use their real names (instead, they choose an alias), and they can not talk about work.

The camp belongs to Digital Detox, the company officially registered trademark slogan «Disconnect to reconnect». The price for the weekend without technology starts at $ 495. The camp was founded in California, due to high demand campsites are also open in North Carolina and Texas, New York and Washington.

Activities include archery, swimming, crafts and arts. But unlike other camps with similar proposals, the participants Camp Grounded can discuss the use of technology, the discomfort that they feel without their smartphones and tablets.

Mental Health Rehabs: How to Treat Addiction on the Internet in the USA

Some experts on mental health rehabs warn that all advertising theses rehabilitation Internet addiction should be treated with a slight skepticism:

«- The fact that we have a program for the rehabilitation, does not mean that this relationship exists, — said Charles O’Brien (Charles O’Brien), founding director of the Center for Studies of Addiction at the University of Pennsylvania. — A free country, and you can create a program for the treatment of that whatsoever, including demon possession or Asian food. «

Skeptics also warn that excessive Internet user to name the term «dependence» — a potential cause for the emergence of a certain stigma and unnecessary medical treatment. This may result in that any excessive activity will be considered as pathological.

«This is — a very slippery slope. When you turn hobbies and interests in mental disorders, you begin to determine what is normal and what — no, «- says Allen Francis (Allen Frances), professor emeritus of psychiatry at Duke University (Duke University) and chairman of the group of experts on the diagnosis and statistics mental disorders.

As long as people believe that technology degrades the quality of their lives, the demand for treatment is guaranteed to grow. In addition, other prominent experts in relationships believe that in the near future Internet addiction will be widely used in the United States diagnosed Mental Health Rehabs. After this treatment should become more accessible. Currently, insurance companies are reluctant to cover the cost of these expensive programs, making them unavailable to Americans that they could bring tangible benefits.

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