Mental abilities are dependent on the time of year — scientists

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Seasons affect the brain or mental abilities people.

That is the conclusion, scientists have come, conducted an experiment with 28 volunteers.

Scientists have shown that cognitive brain functions change depending on the seasons. The results of their research experts published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

How to mental abilities influence of the seasons?

Mental abilities are dependent on the time of year - scientists

Until recently, about the influence of the seasons on brain function or mental abilities was known to very few. Christel Meyer of the University of Liège and his colleagues decided to clarify this issue through the experiment in which 28 volunteers participated.

During the experiment, scientists cognitive functions of the mental abilities were measured people in each of the four seasons. It is reported that participants in the experiment each time carried out in the laboratory for four and a half days, deprived of access to the outside world.

The publication notes that the ability to focus and attention of all the participants, scientists measured by tests at the same time exploring the activity of the brain using magnetic resonance imaging. Results of people from the time of the year did not depend on, however, used the resources at their performance differed.

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Thus, the researchers concluded that the stability of attention reaches its peak in June, near the summer solstice, and the lowest figure falls on the winter solstice. Factors associated with short-term memory, peak in the fall, and ultimately decrease the spring.

In this case, scientists believe that these figures have nothing to do with hormonal rhythms, as well as with the degree of sleepiness during the different seasons.

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