Medication For Stroke Treatment: Preparations and Tablets

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Medication for stroke treatment roughly breaks into human life, and to minimize the consequences of the disease and to prevent its re-return of the patient has to pay much attention to control the state of his health on a regular basis through all the necessary examinations, constantly observed by a doctor and the end of life take drugs causing a significant improvement in blood circulation.

Stroke — a specific disease as a cure for medication for stroke treatment is not there. There are only drugs that can prevent disease or treat the effects of stroke and complications of thrombosis or cerebral hemorrhage.

With proper treatment, with the collaboration of the patient, his family, and doctors, even after a severe disease with many associated diseases can restore normal blood circulation to the brain, stroke, many lost functions, or, at least, come close to the level of activity.

Of course, much easier to treat before preventing insidious disease than then eliminate it dangerous consequences of cerebral circulation. Unfortunately, drugs for prophylaxis, which would effectively prevent the started process brain cell death, is to be found in widely available. Although the medical laboratories of America and Israel are drugs to prevent stroke are already being tested.

To prevent the disease, «roam», it is important at every stage of treatment to choose the right medication, especially for its prevention.

Therapy early in the disease: medication for stroke treatment

At the beginning of brain medication for stroke treatment, when the very first sign of malaise and cerebrovascular accident — dizziness, darkening of the eyes — you need to call an ambulance and to measure blood pressure, because it is the underlying cause of the disease.

Medication For Stroke Treatment: Preparations and Tablets

With a significant blood pressure is necessary to immediately take antihypertensive drugs and put glycine tablet under the tongue. Or you can be injected intramuscularly cere bro lysin. Since nootropic agent for the prevention of stroke can protect nerve cells, it will reduce the degree of brain damage and stabilizes the cerebral circulation.

Core and glycine — is the safest and effective drugs that are prescribed for medication for stroke treatment and they can be taken without fear of the consequences. They do not carry any side effects and contribute to the restoration of normal cerebral circulation. People with high blood pressure should always have them in your medicine cabinet. Buy these drugs to prevent, treat disease and improve their condition can be a pharmacy.

At the first signs of medication for stroke treatment should not take vasodilator drugs such no-spa. They extend the receptacles, but are preferably in healthy portions, and in damaged cerebral blood vessels, on the contrary, reduced. This can lead to the death of brain cells.

Safe and fully justified the use of homeopathic drugs, which are excellent in early disease and may greatly facilitate its flow even more and to stabilize the blood circulation. Such drugs are completely safe and can be combined with many drugs, and used successfully for the treatment and prevention of disease.

But to take any medication for the prevention or early development of the disease is only necessary if they are prescribed. Self can not bring improvement and lead to the opposite result.

Preparations in the facility: medication for stroke treatment

When the diagnosis of «ischemic stroke» or «cerebral infarction» in the first two or three hours doctors can appoint agents to help eliminate the clot and resume circulation. If the cerebral infarction is only beginning to develop, then the drugs may be used to reduce blood clotting. This may be ancrod — preparation made by snake venom, or any other thrombolytic. However, the action of these drugs to treat disease and improve shown only for a limited time.

It is proved that if the doctors began to introduce drugs that thin the blood during the first three hours after the onset of infarction of the brain, it is possible to avoid paralysis and other devastating effects of medication for stroke treatment. For example, can reduce the swelling of the brain drugs such as mannitol.

Once the patient is stabilized, for normal blood circulation in the affected area of the brain prescribe. This will help prevent new cerebral infarction, as well as to rehabilitate some brain function.

Typically, medication for stroke treatment is appointed by the improving condition of the patient drugs as encephalon, vinpocetine, autologin. According to the testimony definitely appointed and administered by intravenous antihypertensive, vasotocin, antispasmodic, cardiac, and decongestants.

With this treatment the disease is largely based on treating the symptoms, as after just a few hours of medication for stroke treatment consequences can be fatal.

When the disease often develops hypoxia of the brain, so the excellent results for its prevention provide treatment with oxygen — oxygen cocktails, inhalations, hyperbaric oxygenation. Antioxidants usually prescribed for the treatment of all patients, as they enhance the saturation of brain tissue oxygen and improve. I enjoy an excellent reputation in this role mexidol.

Medications to stabilize: medication for stroke treatment

To prevent a recurrence of the disease, for prevention to take the pressure stabilizing drugs have a very long time.

In addition, mandatory for the treatment of diseases of patients received antidepressants. With their help, not only eliminates the feeling of fear in the patient, but also eliminated the negative symptoms experienced by patients with various disorders of cerebral action. These pills help to overcome anxiety, doubt, and this, in turn, will have an impact on the general condition of the patient.

Medication For Stroke Treatment: Preparations and Tablets

If no gross evidence of patients after ischemic stroke, for the prevention of life should take drugs from the group of antiplatelet agents: tablets of clopidogrel or aspirin, and in some cases a combination of both. These drugs inhibit the formation of platelets; play a major role in the formation of clots in blood vessels. It is proved, for example, that regular use of aspirin or clopidogrel significantly reduces the risk of recurrent stroke and normalize cerebral circulation.

Ischemic medication for stroke treatment is treated, and cerebral blood flow often is restored. Early hospitalization, attentive care, patient monitoring in a hospital setting and determine the outcome of symptomatic treatment of the disease. With the stable flow of stroke patient is shown even physiotherapy.

But a hemorrhagic stroke, which is bleeding, occurs usually heavier and requires more complex treatment. There is the only neurosurgical operation for clamping cerebral bleeding vessel or to remove a blood portion of the brain. Such treatment is the only correct one, reducing the circulation, but is associated with a high risk for the patient.

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