Masturbation is haram

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Everyone knows the story of the shepherd of Onan, who poured out of hooliganism seed on the ground and received a deserved. Given that all already described in the Old Testament, we can assume that people always masturbation. Just once it is censured, and in our day to masturbation earned fortunes.

Behold the root — I needed to hear this

The first, which began to make masturbation, were prostitutes. When prostitution is moved from the roadside ditches in the room, that is, there were the first brothels, one of the services provided to clients was peeping. Of course not for the purpose of obtaining a purely aesthetic pleasure.  Video: «I Know It’s Haram But Allah is so Merciful» — Nouman Ali Khan.

I am very greatful for this sermon. Thank you.  This is one guy i appreciate alot, his talk really makes a lot of sense…   Later in the game including pornography. Steamy pictures drawn, copied, and after, and published and distributed to the hunt to «strawberries» citizens, regardless of religious and social taboos.

masturbation is haram body pain

Masturbation is haram Ali Khan

Keep yourself busy remembering Allah

Following the artists for the cause came from writers. Open a monument of world literature «1001 Nights». If you have not got castrated and normal academic translation, you will understand what I mean.

Not without its doctors, who also began to make masturbation. Announcing masturbation dangerous ailments, these guys immediately offered their own healing methods. Treatment as usual, treated the family of, the patient is not cheap. At the end of the XIX century, many European private clinics on a par with dietetic food and mud baths offered various trainings (from hypnosis to shock) on weaning from masturbation. And the people treated with enthusiasm. Statistics for healing, of course, has been no no, but we can assume that the results are zero. Do not cut off the same kind Aesculapius his patients arms.

masturbation is haram body pain Islam

Masturbation is haram body pain

Masturbation — haram


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