Makes the body: how to build leg muscle?

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We all know that men love women in short shorts, skirts, and tight jeans-skinny. How to build leg muscle?  All because of the stronger sex, beautiful female legs — the reason for admiration. Why are there men! We ourselves at times to look at the shapely legs and pumped up its «colleagues».

Enough envy! It’s time to get down to business!

Inflate the legs and buttocks at home can be fast enough.

How to build leg muscle?

Literacy study legs closely linked with the knowledge of their structure because they are — one of the most difficult parts of the body. Leg anatomy consists of three main parts: the thigh, leg, and foot. Speaking of «foot pump» usually involve elaborate thighs (quadriceps and inner thigh), hamstrings and calf muscles calf.

Makes the body: how to build leg muscle?

By the nature of the girls is the strongest part of the body — legs. They are even stronger in times of male legs. You have no excuses. It’s time to learn how to pump up the legs and start training.

Legs are involved in almost all exercises: from — sprint, bike, lift up the mountain and ending with strength training.

Particularly effective are the basic exercises, during which all the muscle groups are worked down. These exercises burn more calories and help to quickly pump up the legs.

Coaching legs should be 1 time per week as they are large enough part of the body and require a long recovery. Exercises on the leg muscles need to perform high intensity. To pump up the girl’s legs do not need to take a lot of weight — it is better to do more repetitions with less strain.

How to build leg muscle: Squats

The squat is considered the king among the exercises for the legs — it activates all muscle groups. Perform squats can be its own weight or with a barbell.

Makes the body: how to build leg muscle?

Often we wonder how to squat, to pump up the legs and not to injure their knees and back. During the squat is important to keep the body straight and do not allow your knees to go beyond the line of socks. The legs must be placed at shoulder width, clearly looking forward, buttocks retract.

Depending on what muscles you want to work you can put feet wider (greater load on the inner thigh) are either already (more loads quadriceps).

 How to build leg muscle: Lunges

Lunges are second in popularity among the exercises for the legs. They can also be done with the extra weight or just because.

In lunge position, one leg is in front; her knee does not extend beyond the toes. The knees of both legs bent at right angles. The correct version — thighs parallel to the floor, knee back foot touches the floor.

For more fat burning option, you can alternate the legs, making a change in the jump.

 How to build leg muscle: stepping on the bench

One of the best ways of training the body is a functional exercise. They mimic the movements that you use in everyday life. The stepping on the bench is one of the best exercises for the quadriceps. It is very similar to the attacks and thus mimics the movement to stabilize the body. The stepping better to do with the extra weight: barbell or dumbbells.

Put the bar (or dumbbells, but it will significantly reduce the burden) on his shoulders, as in squats, and step on a small box or bench. Make sure when you step up to support the weight. To raise the body load working the leg. Pull forward and lift the back leg knee as high as possible. Step into the same foot back down, with the front foot, remains in suspense.

How to build leg muscle: Sprint

Running — a very useful load on the legs. For pumping quadriceps choose soft surfaces: grass, sand, mud, forest paths and try to raise the knees high.

Makes the body: how to build leg muscle?

To increase the load Increase the speed or practice running up the stairs.

 How to build leg muscle: Leg Press

Leg press is the perfect complement to a complex of exercises for the legs pumping. It allows you to tone the muscles. But you need to carry out such training at the gym.

Using the simulator, and various productions feet to safely operate with a considerable weight, as well as to develop all muscle groups of the upper and lower legs.

Makes the body: how to build leg muscle?

Strengthen the training results will help nutrition, recovery, and sound sleep. After the load, it is important to stretch their legs — Get yoga, Pilates or swimming. This will help bring the leg muscles in tone.

Develop delayed onset muscle soreness is best not lying on the couch. And doing exercises on the painful muscle group, but with less intensity than it had been in training.

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