LSD has a positive effect on the psyche – scientists

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The famous psychedelic has a number of medium-term positive properties.

Diethylamide d-lysergic acid, more commonly known as a psychoactive drug LSD has a positive effect on the number of mental qualities of the person in the medium term, according to The Telegraph.

A study conducted by scientists at Imperial College London has shown that a single use of LSD leads to improved mood and increases the degree of openness to new experience, even two weeks after the experience of the use of psychedelic drugs.

In the experiment, 20 volunteers participated. The test was subjected to a series of psychological tests, have proven significant positive changes among participants who received LSD, and did not show any special improvements in the control group receiving placebo.

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LSD has a positive effect on the psyche – scientists

Scientists also point out that the use of psychoactive substances has not led to increased levels of delusional thinking in the study.

According to experimental findings, published in the journal Psychological Medicine, LSD causes an increase in cognitive ability that a positive impact on the psychological quality of life in the medium and, presumably, the long-term.

The psychedelic properties of LSD were accidentally discovered in 1943 by Swiss chemist pioneer substance Albert Hofmann. Since that time, since the substance has repeatedly attracted the attention of scientists, but the opportunities for research activities have been significantly restricted by law in some countries.

In Ukraine, LSD inscribed №2 «particularly dangerous psychotropic substances», trafficking and possession of which entails criminal liability.

Previously also reported that medical scientists have shown the potential of LSD.

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