In Israel treated cancer of body’s own cells

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The Israeli hospitals full recovery statistics over 90% of the total number of cancer patients, which speaks eloquently in favor of the choice of treatment in this country.

Not so long ago here, after a number of clinical trials have begun to apply gene therapy of blood cancer, the results of which impressed the whole world.

What is a cancer gene therapy?

This technology allows you to program a healthy red blood cells to destroy the cancer cells. The treatment process begins with the selection of the patient’s blood white cells, which doctors «reformats» genetic code.

This immune T cells become «soldiers» armed with synthetic molecules that contain the protein CD19, — they are able to detect and defeat cancer. After returning to the patient’s body, «shock» group of cells multiplies rapidly, turning into a huge «army», which begins to fight cancer.

In Israel treated cancer of body's own cells
In Israel treated cancer of body’s own cells

The Israeli Institute. Chaim Weizmann said that medicine today has entered a new era when the fore the treatment of the body’s own cells. Will be able to apply the blood of immune T cells to treat cancer — is a sensation.

Method History

Even in 2013, the scientific world is literally «blew» the results of gene therapy of leukemia (blood cancer), developed by Zelig Eshharom. American scientists have conducted research method Eshhara and found that in 27 of 29 patients with the blood cancer after treatment no trace of the disease.

This innovative method of cancer therapy radically change the course of treatment, providing a guarantee for complete healing of leukemia in almost 100% of cases!

Why should I go for treatment in Israel?

Now cancer gene therapy method begins actively implemented in Israeli medicine. In combination with conventional treatments, he shows great results in the treatment of cancer.

In addition, research institutes and clinical centers of Israel constantly develop and improve the revolutionary technology of the treatment of cancer, raising the country into a leading position in world medicine.

It should be noted that there are herbal medicines which have anti-cancer effects, reduced immune system, enhance hematopoiesis and accelerate tissue regeneration. These include «Shiitake» and «Celandine».

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