Irritable pain all over body: symptoms and treatment

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In your house full order and cleanliness. Windows shine. Washed walls and porch. With the arrival of spring every year you make a general frill. There comes a welcome evening, and with it comes a time well-deserved rest. You snuggle under a blanket. a content and results of his hellish work. You are going to sleep with a plan in mind for the next day, but he woke up in the morning feeling completely overwhelmed.

What do your symptoms irritable pain all over body

Physical stress is the most common cause of irritable pain all over body. If the irritable pain all over body is not preceded by the appearance of excessive physical activity, their other causes, according to doctors, can be viral infections, arthritis, and other diseases.

Irritable pain all over body: symptoms and treatment

Every time a severe and unusual physical work, such as in this case — cleaning, or unusually intense workout or during a run in sacks in domestic competitions you are setting yourself up for sickness the next day. Do not be surprised if the irritable pain all over body will appear only on the second or third day thereafter. The appearance of muscle irritable pain all over body occurs for some time.

This is particularly true of falls and injuries in accidents body.

In addition to excessive exercise, a variety of injuries and viral infections — from the common cold or flu to pneumonia, as a result, you may feel as if the day before made a complete reconstruction of the house, there are other causes of such disorders, the effect of which is not yet entirely clear . On the invasion of viruses in the body’s immune system responds defensive reaction — the development of inflammation, which are connected and muscle pain.

As a result, some of the bites of ticks, which are carriers of infectious diseases, there may be pain in all joints. While the threat posed by these parasites, it is now somewhat diminished, the problem is the emergence of disorders. Symptoms of the disease are a result of a tick bite rash fi bubbles of clear liquid, reddening of the skin at the site of the bite or other parts of the body (and the confirmation that a bite can serve as a walk in the woods for a few weeks until the pain).

The occurrence of irritable pain all over body may be due to some other diseases. Thus, when the affected joint pain spread to the surrounding muscles. The cause of these disorders may be a connective tissue disease or autoimmune disorders, particularly rheumatoid arthritis, or (in rare cases) erythematosus. Symptoms of these diseases are of varying severity, and gently flowing forms of diseases wrongly treated as other disorders.

In rheumatoid arthritis, the pain usually more pronounced in the morning, when a person starts to do anything, after a period of night rest. However, soon after 30-60 minutes of movement condition improves. Arthritis due to degenerative changes in bone tissue (so-called osteoarthritis) is usually manifested increased pain towards the end of the day.

Medical influence to mitigate and eliminate the symptoms

Irritable pain all over body: symptoms and treatment

Pain as a result of the excessive activity of the majority of infectious processes or disappear over time. Disorders of acquiring persistent nature, require specific therapeutic interventions. The following are recommendations for facilitating its state irrespective of the nature of the underlying causes of pain.

  • Warm up properly. Use of heat for 20-30 minutes three times a day soothes the irritable pain all over body and causes a feeling of relaxation. Sauna, hot showers, a prolonged stay in the bath with hot water — all this will significantly improve health. The good effect is also electric towel or methods of chemical exposure with widespread warming salves. But we must warn you against the simultaneous use of electric heaters or other and ointments. It can cause severe burns.
  • Reduce the load. If the occurrence of pain associated with an injury or a viral disease, you should be in for a few days stay in the power saving mode. Wait until the time when you feel better, to return to their previous activities.
  • Take your medicines. Aspirin or other applicable non-prescription drugs, such as ibuprofen, due to its anti-inflammatory effects, may temporarily relieve mild pain, but these funds will not eliminate the pain if it is not the source of the inflammatory process, and something else. If the pain you are causing great concern, the doctor may prescribe more powerful drugs. In diseases caused by the tick bite and other infections, antibiotics are used. The irritable pain all over body caused by diseases of the connective tissue to treat anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Move more. When the pain body associated with excessive exercise or arthritis, light exercise and workout bring significant relief. Do not give in to the pain. Pick such exercises in which the muscles and joints will be involved in full and without undue burdens, such as swimming or lifting small weights.
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