In what diseases arise lower back pain after sleeping?

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Pain is a complex physiological mechanism, in medicine it is given a very specific definition of «watchdog» of health. Due to external factors or internal faults, it always signals the danger. Any pain becomes a signal to the body to activate defense mechanisms. Due to pain, many pathological processes reveal themselves long before there are signs of the disease and develop its negative consequences. Therefore, the pain should be seen as a positive thing: they give to know that the time to act. So why lower back pain after sleeping? Let’s deal together.

Lower back pain after sleeping syndrome and its variants

Trying to understand why lower back pain after sleeping, it is worth remembering that the causes of this pain may be tens. At the same time reveal the true source of the problem can never amateur.

It is no secret that medicine, like all science, all subjects systematization, so the pain is strictly classified. So, pain syndromes affecting the lumbar region, are divided into primary and secondary.

Primary pain in the lumbar region may be a response to morphological changes musculoskeletal nature. Actually, this it is the cause of most cases of lower back pain after sleeping. The most significant reason for becoming degenerative-dystrophic changes that develop in all parts of the spine:

  • Osteochondrosis — loss of cartilage and bone tissue dystrophic. Under his influence changed the intervertebral disc with adjacent vertebrae, formed spondylosis.
  • Spondylarthrosis — a form of osteoarthritis. The disease affects the spinal joints that are responsible for the mobility of the spine, as well as synovial joints.

Over diverse causes symptoms of pain is secondary pain:

  • scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine and some other growing pains;
  • non-infectious inflammation (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis or Reiter’s syndrome, etc.);
  • tumor localized on vertebrae in the spinal cord or retroperitoneal space (caused by primary or metastatic);
  • vertebral fractures, which is one of the most dangerous causes of pain;
  • Some infectious diseases affecting the vertebrae or intervertebral discs (tuberculosis, epidural abscess, brucellosis, etc.);
  • state stroke when there is poor circulation in the spinal cord;
  • digestive diseases (such as acute appendicitis atypical course, ileus, etc.).
  • intervertebral discs
In what diseases arise lower back pain after sleeping?

Lower back pain after sleeping is caused by disc protrusion and hernia

In addition, often lower back pain after sleeping have reflected the character. The real «culprit» state may be higher or lower. A similar problem arises in some pelvic pathology (renal colic and sexually transmitted diseases: gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, ureaplasmosis, Andechs).

Often the pain is the result of stretching the lumbar muscles. Pretty much back hurts after displacement of the intervertebral discs.

Coxarthrosis or arthrosis of the hip joint — another cause of secondary pain.

Other causes of lower back pain after sleeping

Quite often the reason why lower back pain after sleeping, are unsuccessful movements, gestures or postures: long work in an uncomfortable position, wrong weight lifting or carrying, a fall or a blow, sudden straightening of the body with its simultaneous rotation. In addition, long-term negative impact hypothermia or stay in the draft. These factors may cause spasm or inflammation in the deep muscles of the back.


Often people say that lower back starts to hurt after sleeping. This situation also has its reasons. The most common among them — uncomfortable posture during sleep. Sleeping on your stomach muscles of the lumbar keep in constant tension, and why there is pain. Sometimes the pain is not the appropriate person to cause bed or pillow. Actually why experts recommend the use and sleeping mattress.

However, the morning lower back pain after sleeping is often a symptom of internal diseases, for example diseases of the circulatory, digestive and genitourinary systems are also accompanied by lower back pain after sleeping.

Lower back pain after sleeping and negative emotions

Few people realize that the waist — one of the centers of psychosomatic medicine, in this regard, it is sensitive to any disturbance and stress.

Rage, anger, irritability, and intense fear of provoking the release of the blood of large doses of epinephrine. Resulting in a body toning back muscles. Thus, if an adequate discharge does not occur, are toned muscles begin to be clamped, causing spasms, accompanied by pain. This is one reason why the spine pain in people with unstable mentality. That is why these patients the best treatment is psychotherapy.

Lower back pain after sleeping and pregnancy

Many pregnant women at different stages, are concerned about lower back pain after sleeping.

In the early period of pregnancy it is associated with kidney disease or urinary tract. Furthermore, this period increased production of progesterone. Its level is higher, slightly softens the ligaments and provokes lower back pain after sleeping.

The second trimester of pregnancy, when the stomach is substantially increased, characterized by a substantial increase in the load on the spine and the emergence of pulling pain in the lumbar region.

Severe lower back pain after sleeping during pregnancy can be caused by neurological diseases (herniated lumbar disc or sciatica).

Lower back pain after sleeping. What to do?

It is worth mentioning that people are really concern about lower back pain after sleeping, first of all, you need to learn how to relax after exercise. The most optimal when the tired back — take a horizontal position. Thus it is necessary to secure a hard surface beneath the knees and some pillows made them higher for better relaxation.

In what diseases arise lower back pain after sleeping?

When you have lower back pain after sleeping you should consult a doctor for diagnosis

However, if you do not know why the sore lower back, and the pain does not go away within 3 days should consult a specialist. Only a doctor is able to work out a strategy of adequate treatment according to the severity of the patient’s condition.

Therefore, the first thing, is to go to the clinic to the physician. After the initial examination is likely to be followed by a referral to one of the following experts:

  • orthopedist, a surgeon;
  • cardiologist, pulmanologii;
  • infectious diseases, gastroenterology;
  • urologist, nephrologist;
  • gynecologist, proctologist.

If these experts will eliminate the disease on their profile, then your doctor — a neurologist, which is sure to recommend you consult a chiropractor.

Keep in mind that patients who do not have sufficient motor activity, even in the event of pain (not very strong), stay in bed longer than 2 or 3 days is not worth it, because it is very weakens the muscles surrounding the spine.

Typically, the majority of lower back pain after sleeping are treated by conservative methods, but there are cases where no surgery is simply not enough.

From the above, it is clear that the problem of why lower back pain after sleeping in the lumbar region, may be associated with many diseases. At the same time quite often people do not expect the «originator» of the state would be too far from the place that hurts. So if you have any lower back pain after sleeping, though not permanent, albeit arising from time to time — ask your doctor, do not pull the time. With any disease at an early stage it is always much easier to handle.

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