In Brazil Virus Zika 2016 Use Biological Weapon

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The emergence in the Americas is a previously unknown species of mosquitoes that are carriers of the virus Zika 2016 fever, led to serious consequences. To combat mosquitoes decided to use the genetically modified insects.

Expanding habitat mosquito Aedes aegypti to South and Latin America led to consequences that a year ago no one had foreseen. These mosquitoes can transmit the virus Zika, who is a special form of fever.

Anti Virus Zika 2016 using biological weapon

The virus Zika 2016 fever, which was previously found only in Asia and Africa, in adults, occurs relatively non-severe. However, in Brazil, where for 2015 recorded mass outbreak of a fever, local doctors were have discovered a previously unknown ability of the virus to cause the fetus virus Zika 2016 microcephaly, severe birth defects.

In Brazil Virus Zika 2016 Use Biological Weapon

This phenomenon was observed in the case when the virus enters the body of the future mother in early pregnancy.

In an emergency situation, the Brazilian epidemiologists began to be used to combat the Aedes aegypti mosquito unusual method.

They mass produce in wildlife genetically modified male mosquitoes of this species. Due to specific changes in the DNA of their offspring insects die before to acquire the ability to reproduce.

This unusual «biological weapon» developed by British scientists from the company Oxitec.

By a happy coincidence for residents of Brazil a few years ago, the company has built Oxitec dedicated Biotechnology Company just in this South American country.

At the outbreak of fever virus Zika 2016 demand for GM mosquitoes has increased so much that Oxitec announced that in the near future in Brazil will start construction of another specialized company for «growing» unusual insects.

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