How to Improve Composition Blood: 5 Tips

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Blood — one of the main fluids in our body, without which it can not be normal operation, and life itself. The composition of the blood reflects how processes occur in the body, and from it also depends directly on human health. How can we improve the blood?

Today, this issue is relevant as never before, since June 14 — World Blood Donor Day.

Eat right

blood composition depends on how a person eats. For example, an indicator of blood, hemoglobin is directly connected with the intake of iron. If you eat enough of meat, eggs, liver, beets, dried fruits, and pomegranates, hemoglobin levels will rise, and vice versa.

That is why it is very important that the diet was balanced. Enrich diet foods that contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients: fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds, fish, vegetable oil. At the same time, try to avoid foods from fast food, sweet drinks and industrial products, which contain large amounts of sugar, salt, harmful additives and trans fats — all this only worsens the blood and a negative impact on human well-being.

How to Improve Composition Blood: 5 Tips

Clean blood

All products and substances falling within our body, anyway are in the blood and may even be accumulated therein. The main filter of the body — is the liver, which helps to «dispose of» toxins and other harmful substances, and then remove them from the body. And if there are failures in the work of the liver, eventually it somehow will affect the composition of the blood. That’s why you need to ensure that there is no stagnation of bile and liver functioned normally.

This natural herbal help to excrete toxins, cleanse and regenerate the liver and gallbladder. Among them is particularly highlight «Antitoks», «Gepatrin» and others.


A very effective way to improve blood parameters — this total body massage. If at the same time to combine it with exercise, it will have the most beneficial effect on the blood and start the mechanisms for its purification.

A special tricks — tapping a massage on large bones and joints — will strengthen the process of blood regeneration. Such techniques work to stimulate the bone marrow, leading to improved performance of hematopoietic organs.


Various water treatments to help rid the body of toxins and wastes through the skin, and thus purify the blood. Very good in this sense, a sauna and steam bath, which has a whole range of useful properties. Useful as douches — is a great way to train the heart and blood vessels, as well as to keep in good shape the entire body. In addition, water treatments — it is always a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day!

Laugh to your health!

Scientists have shown that happiness and joy are able to purify the blood and improve the health better than any drug. Because the strongest «pollutants» blood — this is our negative thoughts and feelings. They can impair the blood.

So try to enjoy life and think positively! Smile as often as possible — and within a few weeks, you will feel much better!

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