How to protect yourself from the flu 2016 expectant mother?

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Outside the window, the spring rays began to warm the earth, and in the air, at last, the smell of spring. However, the spring is able to present not only pleasant surprises. And one of these surprises is the flu, which is activated in the spring. Very often people are enough to flu lightly, equating it to the banal colds. However, the flu 2016 expectant mother is a much more serious disease that can bring a person a lot of hassle.

And the flu 2016 expectant mother is especially dangerous for children and pregnant women — because their immune system is the most perfect, and the body — subject to various negative influences. And they need to avoid the disease by all means. This will be discussed below — how to protect yourself from the flu to pregnant women? After all, having specific information can be if not completely eliminating the possibility of getting the flu, you greatly reduce it.

Is the flu 2016 expectant mother dangerous?

Before you begin a story about how the expectant mother can protect you from flu 2016 expectant mother, you should briefly explain what exactly the flu 2016 expectant mother is so dangerous for a pregnant woman. Perhaps this information will help someone to understand and appreciate the full extent of the possible dangers and yet to take the necessary security measures.

Doctors believe the virus through the maternal blood into the body of the child and infect it. In the event that this happens in the earliest weeks of pregnancy, high risk of spontaneous abortion. And if the baby is infected with the second and third month of pregnancy, laying its organs or their development can go wrong. As a result, the baby may develop certain diseases.

How to protect yourself from the flu 2016 expectant mother?

Although, of course, this is only a general outline, so do not take it too literally. The body of every woman is unique, therefore, to accurately predict the impact that an influenza virus will be in a particular case, it is practically impossible. But doctors tell more about some features of the disease in pregnant women, which can not pay attention.

Disease expectant mother viral diseases — including influenza — increases the likelihood that the baby, born, will often get sick. And not only viral diseases but, in general, any. And it happens because of the fact that as a result of intrauterine infection is very severely affected the immune system of the baby. Therefore, prevention of influenza during pregnancy — is the key to the health of the baby in the future.

The flu 2016 expectant mother shot during pregnancy

Well, now it’s time to talk about how to protect themselves from the flu pregnant. The first thing that doctors offer is a vaccination against flu 2016 expectant mother. However, this way of protection against influenza is very controversial. As you know, during pregnancy, in principle, it is not desirable to make any vaccination, especially in its early stages. Therefore, if and get a flu shot a pregnant woman, it is only in the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

In addition, we must also talk about what doctors usually prefer to remain silent. You know how to get a vaccine against a disease, including those of the flu? That’s right, on the basis of existing doctor’s viruses. But surely it is no news will be the fact that the flu virus mutates every season? And often quite substantially modified. Therefore, unfortunately, in most cases the flu 2016 expectant mother shot does not give absolutely any effect, except perhaps moral complacency.

However, if we are talking about a pregnant woman, vaccination against flu 2016 expectant mother can turn into a disease, and it is that form of the flu, from which it had been grafted. And do not be surprised — this is quite natural and is easy to explain — because the immune system is either pregnant women is largely weakened. Otherwise, a woman would bear a child is simply not possible.

So if you prefer to play it safe and get vaccinated against the flu, take care of this in advance — even before conception. Although in fairness, it should be noted that this measure is practically meaningless — the effect of the vaccine lasts only three to six months. But in any case, before you do something, talk to your doctor.

How to protect themselves from the flu 2016 expectant mother for pregnant women?

How to protect yourself from the flu 2016 expectant mother?

Probably the best to date way to protect you from the flu to pregnant women — is to limit any contact with other people. But, of course, it is the most sophisticated way. For the expectant mother had to go out every day — at work, to the store, and just a breath of fresh air, after all. Yes, any family member can bring the infection into the house — it cannot be insured against.

However, to comply with safety measures is still necessary. So:

  1. The more people surround future mother — the higher the chance of catching the virus. Visit supermarkets, cinemas, the concert is postponed to another, more favorable time. Let go shopping for other family members, if this is impossible — give preference to small shops, where there are fewer people.
  2. A very high percentage of getting the flu 2016 expectant mother is public transport. Therefore, the expectant mother must try as little as possible to use it. Perhaps someone will be able to take back your home to work or to the antenatal clinic? Or you can afford a taxi? Or, if the distance is not great, but the street is not too cold, it makes sense to walk — it will not only reduce the risk of getting the flu, but health is helpful.
  3. Recently, disposable masks, nobody will be surprised. Therefore, in the case to avoid crowded places you cannot, it makes sense to use a protective mask. Doctors say that this method is very effective — it helps reduce the risk of disease by approximately 80%, which is very, very impressive. But do not try to save money and to use the same mask more than once. Remember the «golden» rule — one mask at a time.
  4. Always remember that especially vulnerable to the flu 2016 expectant mother is weakened the body. A pregnant woman’s immune system defaults worse than all the others. Therefore, you must be careful to avoid other precipitating factors, and first of all — hypothermia. Always keep strictly on the weather, even if you have to go 100 meters. Remember — you do not have to feel the cold. And pay attention to your shoes — your feet should be warm and, therefore, dry. Otherwise, the only one way out of the house can turn into flu 2016 expectant mother disease.
  5. If someone you know is sick, refuse all contact with him. If the ill person — your colleague, try to take sick leave. In almost all cases, the doctor — a gynecologist sure you go to a meeting. And to find a reason to issue a sick leave of a pregnant woman is not so difficult. If your family member is ill, as quickly as possible, isolate it in the other room. Ideally, the expectant mother is better to leave the apartment at the time — for example, to go to relatives. If this is not possible — try to entrust the care of a member of someone else. If this cannot be done, be sure to use disposable masks.
  6. The simple rule «Clean — the guarantee of health» is perfectly suited to this situation. During epidemics must be as often as possible to wash their hands, and always with soap. Wash them periodically, even when you’re at home all the time. And returning to the streets just be sure to wash your hands.

Pharmacological preparations

For service can take some pharmacological agents. For example, a gynecologist for preventive maintenance is recommended to wash the nose with a solution of sea salt. Such a solution of the salt sold at any pharmacy, without a prescription. Irrigate the nose is necessary every four hours, and immediately before leaving the house and returning home.

Another very effective means of how to protect yourself from the flu 2016 expectant mother is a common oxolinic ointment, which is still used by our grandmothers. Before each leaving the house thoroughly lubricate the nostrils oxolinic ointment. If you plan to be absent at home for more than two hours, you will catch an ointment. And do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly before you lubricate.

No less useful during influenza epidemics and various multivitamin complexes. Of course, expectant mothers, and so should regularly take multivitamin complexes. But in order to protect themselves from influenza, you should take extra vitamin C. Ask your doctor — a gynecologist to help you choose the right medication.

All of the above steps will help you reduce the risk of contracting the flu 2016 expectant mother to a possible minimum. And spring will delight you with only the warm rays of the sun, the birds singing. And to anything spoil this picture thermometer and pills, right?

But if you still are not able to protect yourself and you are infected, do not panic. Despite all the «horror stories» of doctors, complications are extremely rare. So do not panic and immediately start treatment. But, of course, especially the treatment of flu 2016 expectant mother in pregnancy exists, so immediately contact your doctor.

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