How to Properly Run to Lose Weight

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Now many people worried about the problem of excess weight. People of all ages are constantly fighting for ideal proportions and slender figure. Some people sweat in the gym, while others sit on exhausting diets … And there is a completely free, effective and affordable way to get all coveted form — is running.

What benefits from running?

While running burns more calories, improves metabolism, stimulates the bowels and decreases appetite. In addition, trains respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as indicators of cholesterol in the blood is reduced. Running man and strengthens all the muscles and nourishes your blood with oxygen.

Running helps to lose weight, figure tightens, tones the body, gives a charge of vivacity and energy.

However, if you have any chronic illness, consult your doctor before you start to deal with.

How long should I run to lose weight?

It is possible, once you have already started to run, highlighting the gym for 15-20 minutes. And after a while, disappointed, threw jogging as extra centimeters continued to stubbornly remain in their places. What’s the matter, you wondered?

It turns out that if you run up to 20 minutes, you are unlikely to lose weight. glycogen — After all, with such a load is first consumed sugar reserves from the liver. It is enough, usually for half an hour, and only then begins to burn fat reserves. Therefore, to lose weight, you need to run for at least 1 hour. Well, 40 minutes — this is the minimum.

How to Properly Run to Lose Weight

How to run?

  1. If you’re new to running, then start training gradually, without heavy loads. Best of all, if it is sports walking or light jogging is not more than 10-15 minutes. Do not give all the best to the maximum, otherwise it could have a negative impact on health.
  2. In the first month of the distance should not exceed 1-2 km, so that the body gradually get used to physical activity. If you feel good, you can gradually increase the distance traversed by the end of this time.
  3. It is advisable to begin with a warm-up exercise. So you have to prepare the body for physical activity, and therefore, jogging will be more effective.
  4. To lose weight, exercise should be regular. Engage in at least 2-3 times a week — ideally every day.
  5. Another key to success — it is the right food: high-calorie, flour and sweet dishes will drive the benefit of training almost «no.» But fruits and vegetables, on the contrary, contribute to weight loss. Drink plenty of water, but no later than 30 minutes before the run. While running, it is better not to drink. If you run in the morning — it is only an empty stomach, as if in the evening — then a couple of hours before or after a meal.
  6. If possible, run on dirt trails — in the woods or park. Hard asphalt coatings can hurt your feet.
  7. Prerequisite proper run — breathe (and inhale and exhale) through the mouth.
  8. Run with pleasure and in the mode that is most comfortable for you. Listen to your body — it will tell you how much you need to run.

Now you know how to run, to lose weight. And do not worry if a few months of regular jogging you, on the contrary, will type 1-2 pounds! This means that the body began to process the fat stores in your muscle mass.

Do not dispose of run — and soon you’ll see how the body standing at attention, and the extra weight has disappeared. And besides, there will be courage, vigor and high spirits!

It is worth noting that on a regular basis will help to control your weight scales health.

There are natural herbal medicines that effectively improve metabolism, reduce appetite, cleanse the body, deduce from it slag, toxins and other harmful substances, normalize lipid and carbohydrate metabolism and promote rapid weight loss. These include Tropicana slim Green coffee weight loss, diet and other MCC. Before taking herbal remedies should consult a doctor.

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