How to make your morning cheerful

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Wake up and sing to help Chopin, mint, massage the ears and contrasts and how to make your morning cheerful?

For many, this early rise is equivalent to torture. Alarm treacherously interrupts sleep really sweet moment, the bed does not want to let out of their warm embrace, and seem to tear his head from the pillow is not possible. This is especially difficult given the winter. But we are forced to leave the realm of Morpheus and go on business. As a result, a whole day can take broken and sleepy.

How to make your morning cheerful: Truth lies in biorhythms

The body of each person is living on their internal biological clocks, which are called biorhythms. They determine the peak of our activity and performance during the day. According to the biorhythms, all people can be divided into three categories: larks, owls, doves. Larks — people such as the morning. They are easy to wake up before dawn, usually 6-7 am. In the early hours of larks feel a surge of strength, can work productively before lunch, but in the 9-10 pm literally fall off from fatigue legs. Owls — people type evening. They are fast asleep in the mornings and inactive before lunch, but in the evening and night hours are full of energy and creative ideas. Pigeons — an intermediate type between larks and owls. As a rule, their activity peak in the daytime, but if necessary, the pigeons can safely re-qualify in any other «bird».

How to make your morning cheerful: Light shock body odor and mint

How to make your morning cheerful

During sleep, our body is in a relaxed state. A sharp wake-up call not only interrupts sleep and causes the release of adrenaline, so there is anger and hatred around the world. Ideal — to wake up without an alarm clock, your body is accustomed to rise at a certain time. If this is not possible, select a loud but pleasant and soft melody.

How to make your morning cheerful: More light

Exhilarating action has a bright light. Rising from the bed, right open your curtains, or if the window is dark, turn on the lights. Be sure to open a window and let fresh air into the room. Take a few deep breaths: saturate the brain with oxygen; you feel a surge of vitality.

How to make your morning cheerful: On the contrast

Remove the remnants of sleep will help correct morning washing. Do not shock the body with ice water, but contrasting procedures will be helpful. Wash with water only in summer temperature, and even better — to wipe the face with ice from the broth of herbs. If time permits, take a contrast shower. For this alternate warm and cool water for 5-10 minutes.

In the morning a massage ears: they are «invigorating» receptors.

How to make your morning cheerful: WAKE UP, BODY!

Invigorating effect has massage biologically active zones. Mash the hands, rub the palm of your hand and the pads of the fingers. Massage your neck, temples and brow area — it provides a rush of blood to the head. Pay special attention to massage the ears — here are the «invigorating» receptors.

How to make your morning cheerful: Power smell

Pleasant rise can provide aromatherapy. Light scented candles with the «energetic» the scent or aroma lamp switch, smell the essential oil or stock, «smelling» the salt.

How to make your morning cheerful: Bon appetite

How to make your morning cheerful

Before breakfast, be sure to drink a glass of clean water, better with a teaspoon of lemon juice or honey. Try not to abuse the coffee and strong black tea in the composition of these drinks contains substances that stimulate the nervous system (caffeine, ephedrine, etc.) Over time, the body gets used.. to them and does not want to wake up without them. «It is best to drink green tea: it does not invigorate worse coffee, but it will benefit. You can also eat an apple or drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and after eating a full breakfast.

How to make your morning cheerful: Why do I need it?

To wake up in the morning, find a reason that would motivate you. «First, come up with a morning reward woke up on time -. Please you with something, lay for the extra five minutes — punished as a promotion can be used absolutely everything that is uplifting. Second, to motivate yourself to wake up early for work can be a good way — remembering what to go If you are doing things you love, should be no problem, but even if you cannot stand your job and consider it only as a way to earn money, you can find a way out Think how will please himself… weekend or when you receive a salary Say, for example. «Now I earn money, but during the holidays I go to an amusement park.»

START with pleasure. Each, of us, has a unique ability to attract negative or positive. If we are looking at the world positively, then all will be well. «As soon as woke up, think about something pleasant, and looked in the mirror and say:» What a beautiful morning «. Make him happy, surround yourself with everything that brings pleasure Put a beautiful soft bathrobe, buy.» tasty «toothpaste, drink coffee from a cup of bright color. But that morning was really great, you need to sleep in a good mood. Before going to bed take a bath and listen to relaxing music. And, of course, to get up early, you need before going to bed. Develop mode day and follow the planned schedule, even if you do not feel sleepy. «

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