How To Get Individual Health Insurance In The US 2016?

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The new program for to get individual health insurance, adopted on the initiative of President Barack Obama, allows Americans to choose at least two insurance companies. Six out of ten people will pay less than $ 100 a month — this information is contained in the report of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), referred to by the newspaper USA Today.

The law, known as the citizens of ObamaCare, still causes heated discussions. Although it is aimed at ensuring access to health care for all Americans and allows the poor to use credit program for the purchase of insurance, if you get individual health insurance now becomes mandatory in the United States — and it’s like it is not everything. The number of poor Americans in recent years does not decrease, reported to the US Census Bureau.

What does it mean ObamaCare and how to get individual health insurance now?

How To Get Individual Health Insurance In The US 2016?

In the first stage, according to the reform plan, in 36 states of the country will be launched special websites. They have since 1 October of this year (the program will enter into force only in 2014), residents of 36 states will be able to purchase health insurance. In these states, 95% of Americans will be able to choose from at least two insurers. On average, Americans for the insurance will pay $ 328, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Under Obama’s plan, those who earn up to $ 94,000 per year for a family of four will be able to take advantage of federal subsidies that will reduce the cost of insurance.

Lower prices for insurance, according to HHS, will be ensured by the fact that many insurers are finding themselves in a competitive market, reduced rates in order to attract more customers. The Washington administration has said that 7 million uninsured Americans will soon use the opportunity to purchase a policy for the program that starts next week.

«In many states, previously dominated by one or two insurance companies is said Kathleen Sebelius of the HHS. — Now the Americans will be able to choose from about 53 companies.»

How To Get Individual Health Insurance In The US 2016?

Uninsured Americans will be able to choose one of four programs — «bronze», «silver», «gold» or «platinum». «Approximately one out of four insurance companies offering individual programs, which means healthy competition, — says the situation Gary Cohen, director of consumer information and supervision. — The prices are quite affordable. Lowest for the «bronze» products — it’s $ 93.»

The report analyzes the projected cost of the insurance buyers, depending on age, family size and state to state. For example, 27-year-old American who in Dallas earns $ 25,000 a year, before he could buy a «silver» insurance for $ 223 per month, but now, with the new lending programs — for $ 145. «Bronze» to get individual health insurance product and it all can be purchased for $ 74 a month.

However, according to Cohen, the tariffs for the residents of some states can grow, for example, where they are generally higher than the national average. So, to get rid of kidney stones, even under the new program in New York, in any case, more than to do the same in Indianapolis.

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