How to become higher: to force the body to grow

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It should be understood that the height of a man is always caused by genetic factors. Scientists believe that an increase of 60-80% depending on the genetic indicators. In other words, the emergence of the high child in a dwarf family very unlikely. However, this does not mean that it is absolutely impossible to influence growth. Your main task — not to interfere with the natural rise and eliminate the factors that may decelerate. Drugs and alcoholic drinks — the main enemies of a healthy body. Their use in puberty inevitably leads to stunted growth. Another reason for the probable deceleration of growth — a wrong or insufficient nutrition. Also, you can resort to some tricks to look visually higher.

Calculate your projected growth.

Based on the growth of their parents can be roughly calculated and its projected growth in the future as follows:

  • Fold increase in the father and mother (in centimeters).
  • Add to the resulting number of 13 cm if you are a boy; Subtract 13 cm if you are a girl.
  • Divide by 2.
  • The result will be your projected growth in the future, plus or minus 10 cm.

Proper diet — a prerequisite of a healthy growth

  • Eat a balanced diet. A man with a full physique always seems lower than the owner of a slim figure. In addition, good nutrition — the key to good health.
  • Proper diet to make you taller
  • Eat plenty of lean protein. Among the foods that are high in protein — white meat poultry, soy, fish, dairy products. All these products contribute to the normal development of muscles and maintain healthy bone health. Fast carbohydrates (pizza, candy, drinks and other sweets), by contrast, have a destructive effect on locomotor and muscular systems.
  • Eat foods high in calcium. The calcium in spinach, cabbage, and milk products, essential for healthy bones.
  • Saturate the diet with zinc. Research indicates a probable link between zinc deficiency and growth retardation in the young male body. Rich sources of zinc — oysters, pumpkin, wheat germ, peanuts, seeds, onions, crab meat, and lamb.
  • Consume vitamin D. Development of muscular and skeletal systems of children depends on the presence of vitamin D in the body. Its deficit inevitably leads to stunted growth and the accumulation of excess weight in adolescent girls. Vitamin D is found in fish, alfalfa, and various varieties of mushrooms.

Sports — upward movement

How to become higher: to force the body to grow

Answers to questions that may concern you

At puberty particular importance exercise. To grow and develop, the teenager must be active. To stimulate the growth of a very useful exercise with the elements of jumps. Active workout muscles need to devote at least 30 minutes a day. To sessions were not only productive but also regular and exciting, it is desirable to perform one or more of the following recommendations:

  • Join a gym. Subscribe to a sports club provides access to a wealth of great trainers and a variety of sports inventory. In addition, the presence of paid subscription — a good motivating factor (foolish to miss classes, which spent the money).
  • Join in any sports club or team. For many people, a competitive spirit inherent in team sports may be even more appealing and attractive than the physical activity itself. Classes take place in the team more fun and easy than individual training.
  • Do not be lazy to walk. When there is a free moment, perform unconstrained walk. It does not matter where to go — in the library, school or supermarket. The main thing — to walk a lot and with pleasure.

Sleep to grow

Another guarantee of strong growth — a full sound sleep. The organism grows it during sleep, so the longer you sleep, the more time giving your body for growth. Teenagers and young people under the age of 20, it is recommended to sleep for 9-11 hours a day. Peak growth hormone (STH) is for sleeping. Strong, quiet sleep contributes to the normal synthesis of growth hormone in the pituitary gland.

Answers to questions that may concern you:

  1. Does caffeine slow the growth?

Research has shown that caffeine does not slow down the process of growth. Nevertheless, caffeine is able to provoke significant sleep disorders. It is known that children and adolescents need to sleep about 9-11 hours a day. Caffeine may detrimental impact on the quality and duration of sleep.

  1. Interferes whether smoking growth?

Influence of nicotine and tobacco smoke is still under study. According to reports, Columbia University, studies have shown that children who are passive or active smokers, below their peers who do not smoke and are not affected by smoke.

  1. Prevent any increase in steroids?

Absolutely. Anabolic steroids suppress the growth of bone in children and adolescents. In addition, they help to reduce the sperm count, increased blood pressure and increased risk of heart attack. Children and adolescents who use steroid inhalers during asthma attacks, 1-2 cm below their peers who do not take steroids.

  1. At what age did stop growing?

The growth of the organism stops after puberty. This usually occurs 20 or a little later. Until last puberty, the body continues to grow.

How to look up: the main visual tricks

Visual tweaks to make you taller

Watch your posture. Always keep your back straight, do not slouch. Gently pull the shoulders back, mentally pull the spine. A man with correct posture looks much taller and more attractive than slouching.

Wear tight clothes. Overlying things focus on the contours of the figure while the spacious clothes they did not underscores. Wide, spacious clothes make the man a visually lower, down to earth. Only wear the tight clothes that feel comfortable.

Girls desirable to choose shoes with heels. Undersized girls not recommended to wear ballet flats, flip-flops and other models of shoes with flat soles.

Emphasizes the dignity of the figure. If you have long legs, wearing shorts and mini-skirts. Avoid gaiters and leggings — they visually shorten not only the legs but the entire body.

Wear dark colors. Dark clothes lets look slimmer and slender man, in turn, always seems higher. Black, dark blue, rich green and other dark colors will help you look taller and slimmer.

Buy items with vertical stripes and patterns. Vertical decorative elements make the figure more slender. Horizontal, on the contrary, visually add a few extra kilos.

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