How to get rid of toothache 2016: Causes and Reduce?

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How to get rid of a toothache 2016 pain — this terrible condition of the body, sometimes it is so strong that even to think about unnecessary movements impossible. This is the especially true toothache. One of the most unpleasant sensations. Many funds have to get rid of this problem, but if the situation is found outside the home, on the road or at night to get rid of a toothache? There are a few proven ways that traditional medicine can help eliminate the pain a little bit.

Causes of a toothache 2016

Before you look for the right way to get rid of a toothache, it is necessary to identify the sources, in most cases, by their elimination and solve problems. There may be several reasons:

  • Hypersensitivity enamel;
  • Starting or progressive stage of caries;
  • Damage to enamel or dentin for example, in the bleaching of teeth;
  • Cracked tooth surface caused by mechanical damage;
  • Diseases of teeth: pulpitis, periodontitis, neuralgia nerve.
  • Pain during menstruation sometimes provokes a migraine and tooth sensitivity.

How to reduce a toothache 2016

The cause found, you now need to find a solution, especially if from the hellish pain has no salvation.

How to get rid of toothache 2016: Causes and Reduce?

In getting rid of a toothache at home will help vodka or alcohol. Just a little-wet gauze in a fiery water and apply to the sore area, such manipulations can help in the chamber due to the fact that alcohol lowers the sensitivity of nerve endings.

Garlic against tooth pain can be eliminated garlic, this method is not acceptable in the way, but the house is very effective. Clear the clove of garlic and cut it along to the middle of the green vein was divided into two halves. Is applied to the sore spot. Thus, the tumor can be removed from the gums and cheek, garlic is a natural disinfectant, and flux caused by bacteria, therefore, to treat it is necessary either to use antibiotics or if necessary without pills method — that Common disinfecting preparations.

Get rid of acute dental pain is not so simple. There simply need medical intervention. Take one vial and whether cloth bandage or sponge. Attach to the tooth and leave so for some time. After a couple of minutes, you can feel that numb the tongue or cheek, do not worry — this is a normal operation of external analgesic, a sure sign that soon the pain will recede.

A toothache 2016 from without a doctor cannot do, but what if you get rid of a toothache 2016 need late at night or early in the morning, before the start of the day the dentist? It is necessary to extend the time, for it is possible to take warm water and cooking soda. If you feel faster, then greater efficiency can drop to a solution of a little honey. Relying on one glass is a tablespoon of powder. Rinse mouth. By the way, if such a solution to clean your teeth regularly get rid of tartar can be without the help of a dentist.

If you do not have anything from the people’s money, then you need to look in the medicine cabinet, often swelling in the gums or a toothache can eliminate customary for each agent, which is in every house. What to drink pills to get rid of the tumor cheeks, gums, and dental pain:

  • Analgin;
  • Nurofen;
  • Bonifer;
  • Deksalgin;

Homeopathy guards our toothache 2016

If, however, you are an adherent of treatment without medication, the grandmother’s notebook will be very useful. When pulpitis needs a spoonful: chamomile, sage, thyme, plantain. Make a decoction of it, putting a warm and insist the damaged tooth. If possible, this is done several times a day, once every three hours. Even if the feeling is unbearable, and gets rid of a toothache — is all that can think, do not rinse your mouth with cold water, so you can earn flux and faster.

How to get rid of toothache 2016: Causes and Reduce?

Children are more susceptible to illnesses; their enamel is not yet sufficiently matured. To help the fumes can be applied to a tooth and a little propolis to chew. Also, try the beet juice, cut a small piece and hide it between the gum and tooth. If there is, angelica leaves — a very effective tool that quickly and permanently get rid of helping children from an acute toothache.

Fruits and damage to a toothache 2016

Many women seeking to improve their bodies comply mono diets fruit, but fruit that contributes to weight loss can significantly damage the enamel, making it more vulnerable or sensitive.

Pregnancy and toothache 2016

A toothache 2016 during a pregnant toothache is often more difficult than the rest of the people. Many things cannot be, and what you can — start toxicosis. Measures should be soft. Chewed plantain leaf, just you feel relief, you can use the stem and, most importantly, that the plant was fresh.

Rinse your mouth with a solution of sea salt. If you do it regularly, on the tartar can be forgotten. This is an effective means of prevention of dental caries. For the prevention of dental problems ordinary people cannot eat the same thing has pregnant: a lot of sweets, smoked foods, drink soda.

All of these tools work, and very effective. But it is worth remembering that in any case, a visit to the dentist cannot be postponed — to care for your teeth, otherwise, the consequences could be extremely serious, up to the loss of teeth. Watch out for yourself!

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