How Distinguish The Flu Symptom Timeline From a Cold

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Acute respiratory infections (ARI), which in common with one word called «cold», caused a huge number of flu symptom timeline viruses and are approximately three-quarters of all infectious diseases on the planet.

How is SARS?

They are transmitted mainly by airborne droplets that are in the air along with the phlegm of the sick person when he sneezes or coughs.

Flu symptom timeline epidemic

The flu symptom timeline epidemic is happening in our country every year. Learn to resist the disease from the past season.

Viruses cause an inflammation of the nasal mucosa, throat, trachea and bronchi.

SARS — it’s not the flu symptom timeline

Colds often confused with the flu, mistaking one for the other. Keep in mind that SARS — a harmless disease that usually passes quickly, easily treated and rarely gives complications.

How Distinguish The Flu Symptom Timeline From a Cold

The disease caused by flu symptom timeline virus infection is more severe and can lead to complications such as pneumonia.

Most important symptoms of flu timeline

Urgent Call your doctor if you or your family, these symptoms are observed:

  • A sharp rise in temperature to 39-40 degrees
  • Expressed muscle pain («body aches»)
  • A dry and painful cough in the absence of a cold,
  • Severe weakness.

If it does SARS?

The temperature increased slightly, sore throat and runny nose? These are typical symptoms of SARS. Treated this disease is quite simple.

Important! Antibiotics do not treat any SARS or the flu! They are used only as directed by the physician in the event that the disease-causing complications.

Take your time with medications

Appoint drugs alone — it is dangerous. A cough runny nose and sore throat — the phenomenon completely different order. Even cough drops can be of two types: stops the cough reflex (when a dry cough) and facilitating the excretion of mucus (a wet cough).

How Distinguish The Flu Symptom Timeline From a Cold

Choose nose drops no easier. Virtually all types of commercially available products include decongestants, which allow to remove the swelling of the mucous and relieve the person of «the downtrodden» nose.

These drugs are contraindicated in children under six years old, pregnant and lactating women and older people as a vasoconstrictor components can cause high blood pressure and heart palpitations.

That is why even with «banal» cold medicines should choose a doctor. He can professionally evaluate the individual indications and contraindications.

Do I need to bring down the temperature?

Recommendations of the World Health Organization indicate that the temperature below 38.5 degrees to shoot down is not necessary.

This temperature is a defensive reaction to the invasion of infection. Because the bacteria and viruses proliferate equally bad both in the cold and at high temperature.

In addition, high temperature — a sign that an infection in the body is still there, and you want to fight with her.

Who’s supposed to shoot down the temperature?

Shoot down the temperature must be:

  • Children and adults with heart disease (angina, coronary heart disease, heart defects)
  • Suffering from chronic bronchitis, obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma,
  • People with diseases of the central nervous system such as epilepsy.

Important! Temperature — it’s always a reason for seeking medical attention.

You need to help yourself flu symptom timeline

  • Do not heroism. At the first sign of SARS campaign to give up work and stay at home. More than lying down tries not to read or watch TV. Set aside the decision of operational issues on the phone. Allow yourself to be flu symptom timeline, and the immune system — not to be distracted by other tasks in addition to treatment.
  • Drink more. A healthy body requires a minimum of one and a half liters of water a day. When the disease is increasing demand for liquid. Try to drink warm drinks and avoid alcohol. Alcohol does not cure a common cold, but on the contrary, lowers the body’s defenses. Trying to recover «vodka with pepper» may lead to delays in the recovery process.
  • Do not overeat. Appetite with SARS usually reduced, but relatives often try different delicacies to please the patient. Digesting large amounts of fatty or sugary foods is the additional load on the body.
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