Higher education leads to cancer

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People with higher education a higher risk of glioma — brain cancer, compared with those who only graduated from the school.

The results of this discovery are in the publication of The Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

The researchers analyzed data on 4.3 million people in Sweden who were born 1911-1961 years. Researchers conducted 17 years watching them, since 1993. As a result, in 5700 men and 7100 women had a brain tumor.

Higher education leads to cancer

It turned out that the men who went to high school at least 3 years, the probability of brain cancer was 19% higher than those who limited himself to secondary education. For women, the figure was 23%.

As a result, experts identified relationship between the probability of occurrence of brain tumors and mental work (compared to physical performance).

So, men of intellectual sphere of the risk of developing acoustic neuroma (a benign tumor that affects the seventh and eighth cranial nerves) is higher by as much as 50% compared to those who work physically.

Experts still can not give an explanation of the detected connection. Although they suggest that a possible reason — a timely appeal to doctors to people with higher education.

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