Healthy Eyes And Good Vision: Instructions For Use

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Healthy eyes and good vision contribute significantly to the usefulness and comfort of modern life. However, like any other organ of the body, from the eye has a tensile strength, at which many begin ophthalmologic problems. Diseases of the eye can be as an independent pathology, as well as a manifestation of systemic disease. Therefore, taking care of the healthy eyes should include both measures for the protection and support of the body, and measures to improve and strengthen the entire body.

Why suffer the healthy eyes causes of visual impairment?

All eye diseases are divided into congenital and acquired. The cause of congenital eye disease can be genetic (inherited) disease affecting the body of the impact of negative factors (radiation, infections, drugs, oxygen starvation) at the stage of fetal development, birth trauma. The most common congenital eye disease manifests anomalies of the lens, retina, and various forms of strabismus.

Acquired ophthalmic diseases are divided into infectious (viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoal, parasitic, etc., including — eye disease as a manifestation of infections, sexually transmitted) and noninfectious (associated with metabolic disorders, hypo- and beriberi, endocrine diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, nervous system, allergic reactions, trauma, tumors and autoimmune processes). Purchased eye disease can be acute or chronic, often from the beginning of the disease before its manifestation (symptoms) are years or even decades. Very often, the infectious eye disease complicated by the nature of non-infectious ocular pathology — such as chronic infectious inflammation of the iris can be complicated by the development of glaucoma or cataracts.

Healthy Eyes And Good Vision: Instructions For Use

The development of eye diseases contribute to numerous risk factors that are increasing the load on the eye, create the preconditions for the formation of ophthalmic diseases. These factors include prolonged television viewing, computer usage; unsuitable wearing glasses (including — sunscreens), and contact lenses; reading books, magazines and newspapers in public transport, in the wrong light; unbalanced diet; the impact of adverse environmental factors (environmental impact of the problem), bad habits and occupational exposures; the constant use of certain drugs, adversely affecting the various departments of the organ of vision. Also, the state of the eye and visual acuity affected by age-related changes in tissues, nerves and blood vessels, which increases the intensity of a man after the age of 40.

Prevent the appearance of congenital eye diseases — not easy, but to prevent the development of acquired disease and slow the aging of the eye — is even possible. To this end, should adhere to certain rules aimed at protecting and strengthening the organ of vision.

Prevention of eye diseases

First of all, it is necessary to reduce the chances of developing eye diseases infectious and traumatic nature. To do this, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the healthy eyes and consult a doctor (optometrist) at the first symptoms of the disease or immediately after the injury. It is important to remember that infection or eye injury fraught with the development of serious complications that can occur at any time (immediately or years) after the primary lesion of the eye.

It is important to pass the annual examination by an ophthalmologist. Routine inspection reveals an eye disease at an early, easily treatable stage.

Buy glasses (including — sunglasses), contact lenses should be only in specialized stores, under the guidance of a doctor-consultant.

When performing work that requires long-term vision focusing on close objects regularly looks into the distance, at least for a few seconds (ideally — alternate between looking at close objects and look into the distance needed for 2-3 minutes). This exercise relieves tension with the eye muscles.

While working at the computer, you need to use special glasses to regularly change the focus of the healthy eyes (as mentioned above). It is also useful every 30-40 minutes to close your healthy eyes with his hands (for 1 minute) by giving them a rest from exposure to light.

Should ensure proper coverage of the workplace — reflected, diffused or tinted light is harmful to the eyes.

It is not necessary to abuse wearing sunglasses — they are intended for outdoor use under intensive sunlight.

Avoid reading poor quality print products, small print, fuzzy, blurry letters — it leads to stress the eye muscles.

While working at the table must follow the bearing — wrong position of the vertebrae indirectly affect the health of the body.

It is dangerous to view bad habits — smoking and the abuse of strong liquor. Refusal of bad habits is one of the conditions of eye health. You should also deal with dehydration, insomnia, and intense direct sunlight.

The healthy eyes are very useful physical activity. Jogging, walking, swimming, tennis, badminton — the best at this point sports.

Healthy Eyes And Good Vision: Instructions For Use

Work at the computer or watching TV in the dark should be only in the presence of additional lighting without creating glare on the monitor or TV screen. The distance from the healthy eyes to the TV screen should be at least 2 meters.

Contrary to popular belief — you can read lying down. However, the head should be comfortable and free to lie on the pillow; the light source should be placed behind the head so as to cover only the text, look at the page should fall perpendicular to it.

Every day should be carried out exercises for the eyes, alternating healthy eyes intense blinking, focusing and defocusing of view, the rotation of the eyeballs and eye movements in different directions (left-right, up-down) for a few minutes.

A compulsory component of prevention of eye diseases is a balanced diet and the use of complex products, including vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients useful for the whole body and organ of vision.

Finally: healthy eyes

Healthy eyes — priceless, and, therefore, everyone should strive to preserve and protect it. Attention paid to the eye and vision, we will return a hundredfold. Especially as for the prevention of eye diseases it requires quite a bit of effort, time and money. Take care of your health!

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