Gymnastics for Vessels When Body Pain

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Today, more and more people suffer from vascular diseases legs. The reasons are many: overweight, sedentary, or, conversely, standing work. How to do gymnastics for vessels?

Not only have the physical factors negatively affected the gymnastics for vessels of the lower extremities. Often they become the main enemy of poor diet, stress, insomnia, and weakening of the immune system. But the ways of protection — the same, but the simplest methods of prevention can work wonders.

Contrast douche

Gymnastics for Vessels When Body Pain

Regular contrasting pouring water stimulates blood circulation and improves vascular tone. Just 15 minutes a day — and you forget about the heavy legs, pain and swelling. The main thing is to carry out the procedure on a daily basis.

Fundamental rules of the gymnastics for vessels:

  • start water (38 °), and gradually lower the temperature of the cool — 1 degree every 2 days; warm temperature also increases a little bit, reaching up to 43 °;
  • at first the duration of douches should be 3-4 minutes, then bring the treatments to 7-8 minutes;
  • the interval between the supply of warm and cold water to be 10 seconds;
  • aim the water jet from the bottom up.

Even if you do not have obvious problems with blood vessels, and there are only unsightly spider veins, such pouring prevents further occurrence.

Simple gymnastics for vessels

Vascular problems are not a reason to deprive you of physical activity. How much you walk, swim, cycling and skiing. These measures will save you even at the beginning of varicose veins. However, load sports (tennis, weight training sessions) should be excluded.

The perfect addition is climbing stairs. Tired, no strength? Brace yourself — and climb at least on the third floor on foot: the body and blood gymnastics for vessels will thank you.

If you have already begun varicose veins is recommended to further wear bandages and applied to the skin of the feet — but, in any case, do not deprive yourself of the movement.

Gymnastics for Vessels When Body Pain

Improve vascular health help exercises that you can do both at home and at work.

  • It is a useful exercise — inspiratory rise up on your toes and exhale get down on your heels. Arms down along the body. Repeat 10 times.
  • Alternately, lift the right, then left heel, simulating walking on the spot. Hands on his belt. Socks on the floor do not come off. Follow for 3-4 minutes.
  • Lean hands on the back of a chair. Stand on your toes, stay in this position for 15-20 seconds — and dropped to the entire sole. Repeat 10 times.
  • Take a straight leg back and hold it down for 5-7 seconds, then lower. Repeat with the other leg. The number of repetitions — 8 times with each leg.
  • Alternately vigorously bend and unbend the fingers on the right, then on the left leg. The number of repetitions — five times for each foot, but can be more.

Steam treatments: gymnastics for vessels

To maintain the health of our ancestors came up with a simple and effective means as the sauna. This is a true sports complex for vessels! A visit to the steam room once a week prevents stagnation of blood stimulates the heart and beneficial effect on the entire body. Especially useful for bath seats and standing work when the blood gymnastics for vessels are the most vulnerable. If there are no problems with the heart, alternate visits to the steam room with cold shower. Receptacles whole body, not just the legs become stronger and more elastic.

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