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Now fashion has become a dirty little word psychopath: so disparagingly called emotional or eccentric people, and about the true meaning of the term as always, no one thinks. Psychopathy is a serious breach — the anomaly is determined by the overexpression of one of the personality traits with the underdevelopment of others.

Very often includes psychiatric terms in everyday speech as oaths, for example, the word «idiot» and «moron.» The «imbecile» (intermediate degree of mental retardation between the two listed above on an outdated classification) for some reason no one remembers.

In the western classification more than use the term personality disorders and not a «personality disorder.» And this diagnosis includes many not similar to each other disorders.

Paranoid personality disorder

The main feature of these people is suspicion. They suspect everyone and everything: the daughter certainly sugar steals (something that the bride of such salary, it is not only sugar — sugar buy, not taken into account), the neighbor is not different all the time spying and sniffing, colleagues (particularly interesting, when the idea of visiting the cleaner or janitor) and so on.

Guide to the psychopath  

People with paranoid personality disorder expected to constantly catch, never forgive offenses, neither alleged nor, even more so, real. With special frenzy, they seek out the plots: if two people about something talk — precisely against him are up to something, and if at the same time lowered his voice and laugh … At the same time inclined to consider me paranoid perfect in every way.

Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

Obsessive-compulsive types are complete perfectionists and pedants. We cannot say that they like to order: he needs it like air. Not placed in the proper order books on the shelves can call such a person a migraine, and violation of the usual daily routine — stomach cramps.

They need to do everything not just good, but perfect. They make complete workaholics, but the delight of fellow that does not work. For the obsessive-compulsive nerd, and another demanding match the ideal. Houses they make these tyrants: one lady tore pages from the notebooks of his daughter, first-grader to achieve the writing perfectly flat characters, and then severely punished her for a deuce (which the teacher with obvious signs of the same disorder set for what remain only in a notebook two pages).

Antisocial personality disorder

This type brings more anxiety all around.

Antisocial people tend to chaos — any order for them intolerable. At school, they are unable to attend classes according to a specific schedule. Later may not work, leave home and wander for a long time in an indecent way. Often, they are very aggressive and at the same disinterested: if you broke the window, why not train with her to take some tempting little thing? If we beat a passerby in a dark alley (only because of the extremely unpleasant faces), he is now here and lie at the clock and wallet?

These comrades are often caught in the correctional facilities, but there they do not make a «career» because the rules of the criminal world, too, cannot learn.

Schizoid personality disorder

The main symptom of this disorder is a violation of communication. People with the schizoid disorder are difficult to establish friendships and even just socialize. They almost never show their emotions, why others seem to be cold and unpleasant.

Schizoid almost always choose a profession in which the communication is reduced to a minimum — such as remote work via the Internet. However, their work or hobbies (often quite bizarre, for example, collecting chamber pots of famous people); they are given to the head.

Schizotypal personality disorder

Previously, schizoid and schizotypal personality disorder often confused with schizophrenia and neuroleptic people jammed. It is now proven that it is a completely separate disorder that does not require such drastic measures.

It differs from the schizoid presence of eccentric ideas and actions. For example, people may consider themselves psychics or magicians and try to behave accordingly — to shock the strange statements like «you blocked chakra karma.»

The word «schizotypal» is short for «schizophrenic genotype.» It is believed that schizotypal individuals at high risk of developing schizophrenia.

Hysteroid personality disorder

Asteroids do not feed bread, let alone attract attention to his immodest person. In this case it is not so important, what it is the field to be the best: it is impossible to distinguish ability — try to appearance, and appearance is not obtained — urgently ill or, at worst, become a notorious bully. Anything is just to be noticeable.

Guide to the psychopath  

If you thought that someone has degraded or insufficiently appreciated, he gets angry and in a paroxysm of rage can begin to destroy everything around.

Narcissistic personality disorder

At the core of narcissistic personality disorder is an inflated sense of self-worth combined with an underestimation of others.

Logic is approximate as follows: «If I have appreciated if these plebeians of science might appreciate my brilliant ideas, I’d be a doctor of science. So why should not I be called a Ph.D.? Janitor, I happened to be. »

Narcissa, who relies not on ability, but on their own appearance, even easier: it is without any logic appears half-naked in public — try here is not appreciated!

Borderline personality disorder

For this type of characteristic inconstancy in relationships, mood, and even in the presentation itself. Such people are very easy to fall into depression, with no apparent reason to change the religious, political and all other beliefs. They may not be for months desire to see anyone, but they are desperately afraid of being thrown.

People with BPD often make demonstrative (and not) suicide attempts or damage himself (most notable cuts on the ground), suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, drug addiction, or, at worst, some more personality disorder.

Avoidant personality disorder

Avoid the person, according to the title, avoid contact with people. But in contrast to the same schizoid they did not enjoy their voluntary loneliness, and suffering from it. Fear of criticism and contempt in them is so strong that they actually cannot enter into an intimate relationship. We can say it is excessive shyness, usually develops in childhood. However, in this case, we are talking about the disease, as the person ceases to understand what can actually cause a conviction and what is not.

Dependent personality disorder

A distinctive feature — the over-reliance on the presence of other people care. And it does not matter what kind of people — if only there were not going away.

Themselves dependent people often agreeable, they are afraid to protest the interlocutor, asking for something for them, to somehow express their individuality, ready to fully adjust to the surrounding in exchange for their constant attention.

In extreme cases of dependent personality disorder, a person is afraid to be alone, even for a short while.

Recognize psychopath

Features of a personality disorder can be found at the absolutely healthy person: the desire for order — not necessarily a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder, love nudist beaches — not an exclusive prerogative of the daffodils. And all the representatives are not of the criminal world asocial psychopaths.

To diagnose a personality disorder can be on the following grounds.

  1. The disorder affects, at least, two areas of life of the four: mind, emotion, interaction with others, self-control.
  2. The disorder manifests itself constantly and successfully prevents co-exist with others. It is foolish to talk about the human personality disorder, fully implemented. Another thing is that people are very carefully masked those areas of life in which they have something goes wrong, making it difficult to diagnose.
  3. Suffering: despite the fact that the running joke «neurotic suffering himself from a psychopath suffering all around,» a man’s life with the human personality disorder is not sugar among experts. However, the constant dissatisfaction with others can be considered criterion pathology.
  4. Duration: to diagnose, is usually required to trace an anomaly from adolescence.
  5. No other psychopathologies, which may be due to unusual behavior.
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