Flavors May Cause Cancer 2016

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British experts warn of yet another dangerous carcinogen that can cause the growth of abnormal cells. In recent studies, it was found that air fresheners, which in recent years have become very popular, can carry a hidden threat to human health especially cancer 2016. As used in these facilities agent (the flavoring), in contact with air transforms into a dangerous carcinogen — formaldehyde, the danger of which was proved by almost 30 years ago.

What is special of cancer 2016?

The research group of Professor Alastair Lewis noted that the popular fragrance limonene that in the normal state is completely safe for human health is not only used in the manufacture of a variety of flavors, but also as a food additive. Limonene ability to transform into a dangerous carcinogen has been known to scientists for a long time, but almost all of the studies were carried out three decades ago and only recently, thanks to scientific progress, managed to get accurate results about the effect of this substance on human health.

Flavors May Cause Cancer 2016

Scientists said that the level of toxins in the flavors exceeds the norm in a few times, for example, aromatic candles Lemon contains a hundred times more than previously estimated. On top of that, most of the buildings are equipped with air conditioning systems today, which prevent the inflow of fresh air and contribute to the accumulation of a dangerous carcinogen in the air.

According to Professor Lewis, chemical fragrances are widely used in most homes. Today, scientists cannot say for sure what will be the effects of prolonged exposure to formaldehyde per person, but the fact that this substance is extremely dangerous to the health of people there.

Formaldehyde in addition to being a carcinogen (a substance that causes cancer), irritating to the mucous membranes and can cause bleeding from the nose.

Experts point out that to reduce the harmful effects of chemicals can be a simple way — every time you need to use chemicals to ventilate the room, there are also plants that absorb various toxins, thereby reducing the level of hazardous substances in the room.

Flavors May Cause Cancer 2016

Today, cancer 2016 remains one of the most dangerous diseases on the planet, from a particular type of cancer, die each year hundreds of thousands of people.

In the US, a group of experts proposed a new method of detection of the disease. It is known that the earlier cancer 2016 is diagnosed, the more likely the patient to recover, but now, unfortunately, in most cases the disease is diagnosed at the time of sharply defined manifestation of symptoms when the disease is already at the stage where the medicine is powerless.

But American scientists claim that in just three years the situation has radically changed — a blood test allows the doctor to determine whether there is an abnormality in the body, thus, can detect cancer 2016 even if the patient had absolutely no complaints. According to scientists, the analysis will identify cancer 2016 cells in the blood. According to some financial assistance to the project, we are ready to provide two major global companies — Amazon and Microsoft.

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