Fitness Instructor Training: Exercises for The Abs

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Belly — one of the most problematic areas of a woman’s body, and, therefore, the fight for beautiful abdominal muscles is eternal. We are ready to do anything to get a dream body for fitness instructor training.

If you want to freely and feel confident on the beach, at the pool and on a date with her beloved, start doing the exercises for the press at home and eat a balanced diet.

Regularity and accuracy of physical activity will help you to always stay on top. What kind of exercise should be repeated for maximum results, we advise you?

A set of exercises for the abs

Fitness Instructor Training: Exercises for The ABS

The most effective exercises for women is twisting and lifting legs. The first works out the entire abdomen, and the second involves more than the lower press.

Fitness instructor training: Twisting

Fitness Instructor Training: Exercises for The ABS

To perform this exercise, lie down on the floor, bend your legs at the knees, lower back firmly onto the floor and comes off the blade. On the exhale, the body rises, the abdominal muscles tighten and contract, inspiratory drop the body in its original position, but do not lie down on the floor. Repeat 20 to 50 times the range of 3-4 until the muscles begin to burn.

Fitness instructor training: Lifting legs

Lie down on the floor, push back, stretch out your arms along the body. Slowly exhale lift legs to angle 45º, and then lowered, while breathing air. Do 25-30 repetitions, rest 10 seconds and do another one or two approaches.

Fitness instructor training: Reverse Crunch

Another very effective exercise to work out the abdominal muscles is the reverse curl. To carry out its best in combination with the previous two.

Fitness Instructor Training: Exercises for The ABS

Lie down on the floor, put his hands on the body, and lift the straight leg at 90 º, so that the foot «looked» into the ceiling. Now exhale, lift your pelvis while holding the legs vertically upward inspiratory drop your pelvis. Leg Position does not change, and they do not bend at the knees. Upper body tightly against the floor. The number of repetitions depends on the extent of your training. Try to do 3 rounds of 20-25 repetitions.

Fitness instructor training: A bike

Obliques, which are responsible for the waist and slender flat tummy, well is pumped through such exercises. Sit on the floor and raise your legs bent at the knees as high as possible above the floor. Hands put his head. Now performed twisting — Ryan’s left elbow to your right knee and vice versa. Try to do the exercise quickly and skillfully to the burning sensation. Do 3-4 range with the same number of repetitions in each.

Fitness instructor training: Lath

Drill press strap is also very effective. Unlike all the previous bar — the static exercise that helps to work out not only the stomach but also the back, legs and arms.

Fitness Instructor Training: Exercises for The ABS

Stand in the position of emphasis lying, palm Host a well under the shoulders, body weight is shifted forward. Legs straight tense your buttocks and press. Most likely, the long wait in the bar did not immediately succeed. Start with 30 seconds or a minute and gradually increase the exercise time to 5 minutes.

To be motivated to stand in the bar as long as possible, the contract with the boyfriend or girlfriend to stand in this position every day, gradually adding 5 seconds. Who among you will surrender first, he is lost.

It is important to remember that in order to pump up the press, the load in all exercises should be gradually increased. Also, try to change the exercises: Included in the complex is a sidebar or drill press from Pilates and yoga. Watch your diet and let’s load as other muscle groups.

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