First thing to start: black cumin — the medicine of the Prophet

  • Prophetic medicine

If you really decide to take on your health, strengthen your immune system, get rid of skin diseases and improve the condition of the whole body, then the best natural remedy where to start is black cumin. Oil and seeds of caraway seeds are a universal medicine for all diseases. This is not some kind of invented and untested and expensive dietary supplements! This is what has been tested and used for centuries!


Use the Black Seed for indeed, it is a cure for all diseases except death

In This Video We’ll Show You About The Miraculous Black Seed. A Prophetic Medicine as recommended 1400 years ago by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

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The treatment regimen for black cumin oil depends on the disease. Although many townspeople already know about the benefits of caraway seeds, we still, once again, talk a little about it in this article.

Cold Cumin Oil Recipes

With a common cold, sinusitis, a drop is applied to the wings of the nose, nose bridge. It should be rubbed into these areas with massage movements. After that, drop one drop into each nostril. The procedure is performed twice a day for two weeks. For the treatment of a common cold, 5 days is enough.

With influenza and SARS, black cumin oil is used once a day on an empty stomach before breakfast. Drink should be once a day. You can instill in the nose both in the previous recipe and with the addition of olive oil.

In the treatment of otitis media, the same recipe is used as with the use of camphor alcohol. A cotton swab dipped in oil is placed in both ears. As they dry, lay a new swab. It is not recommended to carry out the procedure in the treatment of purulent forms.

Acute and chronic sore throats can be easily eliminated by gargling with a self-prepared solution. 1 large spoon of oil and half a teaspoon of vinegar are taken in a glass of hot water. Rinse with the mixture three times a day.

Black cumin oil for the treatment of the respiratory system

There are two main ways to deal with tracheitis, bronchitis and pneumonia:

  • 1 way — inhalation. 3 tablespoons of oil is taken per liter of boiling water. It is necessary to inhale the vapors of the resulting mixture. The procedure is not recommended at elevated body temperature. If there is a nebulizer that allows the use of essential oils, then black cumin oil can be breathed with it, regardless of body temperature.
  • 2 way — external use. Black caraway seed oil is mixed with olive in a ratio of 1: 4. Before going to bed, the resulting mixture is rubbed with massage movements to the area of the chest and back.

Cumin for the treatment of male diseases

The tool is actively used to eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis. Since the disease can lead to serious consequences, the oil is used in conjunction with medicines. You can use bathtubs with oil or rub it into the skin. In the first case, the water should be no more than 37 degrees. you need to drip 60 drops, stir for uniform distribution throughout the bath. Rub the product should be in the coccyx. It is best to entrust this work to someone, so as not to get on the mucous membrane of the anus.

The following infusion will help to cope with male diseases well: 10 gr. gentians, a teaspoon of chamomile brew in separate containers in 100 ml of liquid. After that, let them brew. Take a tablespoon of each drink, mix with honey and black cumin oil. Take a drink should be twice a day for 0.5 cups.

Cumin for the treatment of female diseases

Oil is also used to combat obesity. For 1 and 4 weeks, a teaspoon is taken once a day. At 2 and 3 weeks, intake is increased by another spoon. The course is repeated twice.

Women can use oil:

  1. Before giving birth. Oil prevents tissue rupture. Rubbed into the perineum.
  2. For the treatment of cervical erosion. At night, gauze swabs soaked in oil are introduced. Exposure is repeated 10 days, then a two-week break is needed.
  3. With polycystic. Preparing a drink of oil and ginger (Best Juicers for Ginger). Honey and lemon are added to taste. A tablespoon of ginger root and two tablespoons of oil are poured with boiling water. Take a glass during the day.
  4. With a headache. The tool should be rubbed on the forehead, whiskey, nape. This will help relieve vasospasm.

Cumin treatment for other ailments

With hemorrhoids, 30 grams is recommended. seeds of black caraway seeds fry in a pan. Warm seeds are rubbed using a stupa to a powder state. They add 15 ml. black caraway seeds. The resulting product is applied to the anus twice a day. For a faster result, take caraway seed oil inward with the addition of olive oil.

With psoriasis, it is necessary to lubricate the affected areas with pure oil or in combination with sesame. Such treatment is not effective in all situations. If after a week there is no result, then the treatment is terminated. Need a doctor’s consultation.

To improve memory, add a spoonful of honey and 8 drops of oil to a glass of peppermint infusion. Take a drink should be hot.

If you want to increase immunity, then 30 minutes before breakfast, drink a glass of water with a small amount of squeezed black cumin. The positive effect will come in about 3 months. According to the same scheme, a drink is taken for the treatment of cancer. Doctors warn: the drug does not replace the main treatment.

In case of diabetes mellitus of the second type, it should be applied 3 times a day, 25 drops an hour after eating. The tool can dramatically reduce the amount of sugar in the blood, so its intake should be under the supervision of doctors.

The tool also helps in the fight against allergies. To alleviate the condition, 25 drops are added to tea. You need to drink three times a day for 2 months, then take a break for a month. With seasonal manifestations of allergic reactions, start drinking oil in advance, in about 2 weeks. In this case, it is likely that the allergy will go unnoticed.

In the treatment of warts and papillomas, applications should be made. Lubricate the affected area 5-6 times a day. The duration of treatment is selected individually, you can not take breaks. If there is HPV, then black cumin in the form of oil is taken orally by a teaspoon. You need to drink twice a day with a break after 2 months.

Helps remedy and cope with cystitis. Rub the area of the lower abdomen and near the coccyx with oil. Additionally, you need to take a small spoon twice a day.

Cumin oil in cosmetology

With it, you can remove almost any skin imperfections. It copes especially well with irritations and inflammations, enlarged pores. One of the positive effects is the ability to combat wrinkles. Due to the fact that the natural mechanisms of collagen production are triggered, the effect is fixed for a long time.

Due to its beneficial properties, black cumin oil:

  • calming effect on the skin;
  • copes with puffiness;
  • prevents the appearance of acne;
  • activates the protective functions of the skin;
  • improves the color and texture of the face.

With regular procedures, it becomes possible to get rid of stretch marks. Oil can also be used to combat cellulite. To achieve the best result, it is recommended to add a few drops to your usual cosmetics.

A Prophetic Medicine - Sunnah Allah A Prophetic Medicine - Sunnah Allah

Studies of black cumin

Since 1959, more than 200 studies have been conducted at various institutes. Most of them have proven the beneficial properties of black cumin oil:

  • In 1989, work was carried out in Pakistan. It has been discovered that oil is a true storehouse of vitamins.
  • In 1992, the university’s department in Dhaka studied the antibacterial properties of oil in comparison with ampicillin, tetracycline and some others. Oil has proven effective in controlling many bacteria.
  • In 1979, Agarwal proved that the product is an excellent tool for increasing milk in nursing mothers.

In the United States, studies have repeatedly been conducted that have proved the beneficial properties of caraway seeds, its antibacterial and antidote properties. In 2103, the antifungal activity of cumin was studied at the Medical University of Karachi. It was found that its oil can destroy the fungus in all organs.

Research has also been conducted on cancer. In 2003, experts at Jackson University proved that oil inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the mammary gland, colon.

Researchers from a university in Taiwan found that cumin oil-based products trigger the programmed death of damaged cells. Thanks to this, it prevents the development of cancer of the oral cavity.

Not a single remedy of traditional medicine has shown such an effective effect on people’s health. Especially good results when using products from black caraway seeds of the Nigella Sativa variety.

How and where to buy black cumin oil?

The cost of the product may change, so it’s better to write and specify how much black cumin oil is worth, what price is at a given time! We sell it throughout the United States and in England, very inexpensively, almost anyone can afford the purchase.

To purchase black cumin, write to WhatsApp + 7-917-801-19-18 (or call). Check the price.

In conclusion, we note that black cumin oil can be used to treat children. But give in a dosage that is three times less than an adult. With diabetes, babies should not drink this remedy, because it reduces glucose too sharply. It is not recommended to combine it with vitamin complexes and antibiotics, since oil can enhance their effect. But you can add to the water when bathing babies. In this case, get rid of urticaria, itching, diaper rash.

Black cumin oil: prices

Estimated cost of black cumin oil:

  • Pure Black Seed Oil — 16 OZ — 100% Pure and Cold Pressed Black Seed — Non-GMO and Vegan — Nigella Sativa Halal. Price: $ 23
  • Natural Black Seed and Carrot Rosemary Hair Growth Oil Formula 5oz. By SweetSunnah. Price: $14.99 ($3.75 / Fl Oz)

Please call, buy real black cumin oil from us at a low price for the first cold pressed. We can deliver directly to your apartment or by mail. If you live in New York or London, we can make delivery to your house or apartment, or you can pick up caraway seeds at home.

How to cleanse the body of parasites with caraway seeds?

If you want to cleanse the body of parasites, then you need to take a teaspoon three times a day. When diluted with water, you can dilute a teaspoon in a glass of liquid. Exposure to the body should be 2-3 weeks.

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