Created the world’s first implant to combat addiction

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Management on sanitary inspection by the Food and Drug Administration (U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA) approved in the United States the world’s first implant, which will deal with an addiction to opioids. In 2013, the FDA rejected the first version of the device, as according to him it was not enough data. In its current form the implants will be applied as early as June of this year.

Japanese scientists have created a genetically modified microorganism which is capable of producing one of the opium alkaloids, which is part of the anesthetics commonly used in oncology. Previously, researchers have managed to create a line of yeast, which were also able to express some of the opiates.

Now in the US replacement therapy clinics use two drugs — methadone or buprenorphine slower addictive. The implant, called Probufin (Probuphine) also contains buprenorphine, but the design of the size of a match has many advantages over pills — it is difficult to properly employ illegally resell, moreover, it will not be lost, for it can not be forgotten and can not be stolen. The product is installed after the patients taking buprenorphine tablets, stabilized, and is valid for six months, however, clinical studies have shown that some patients still remains a need for tablets, even if the implant. Despite this, most experts FDA approved product.

It is planned to use implants therapy with behavioral modification and rehabilitation. Now in the United States, there are about 2.2 million people who are dependent on opioids. All of them need treatment, but did not receive treatment over 50% of them. On preparations for the treatment, including methadone and Vivitrol (Vivitrol), spent up to $ 2 billion. It is expected that the implant will be even cheaper Vivitrola, but the exact price is called the FDA refused. Some doctors, however, are skeptical about the idea of using such devices, because they believe that if they are used, patients will rely on an implant without changing lifestyles.

Perhaps the product and will bring additional benefit. Now an American doctor in law at the same time can lead only 30 patients with addiction, this amount may in some cases be increased up to 100. There is a possibility that the introduction of the practice of using implants allow legislators to increase these rates.

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