Electronic cigarettes: a normalization of the use of nicotine

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There is no single approach to medical regulation for the type of «one size fits all» in discussions concerning the electronic cigarettes are believed Auf and others, regulatory and epidemiological situations vary widely between countries simply do not have enough evidence to support the claim that any one universal approach is more effective.

In the UK electronic cigarette is almost exclusively used only smokers and former smokers, including a million «vapors», which completely stopped smoking. Currently in the public domain, there is no license for medical purpose products, and the authors proposed a purely medical approach regulation is essentially and effectively banned; and while the effects of the ban are unknown, the risks cannot be ignored.

What the main problems of the electronic cigarettes in Britain?

In Britain — unlike the US — advertising of electronic cigarettes at the moment is strictly regulated and will be monitored more strictly before the summer, according to a new EU directive on tobacco products (TPD). Just as advertising ban violates US law under the First Amendment, as the approach «drug only» regulation may contradict EU TPD.

Electronic cigarettes: a normalization of the use of nicotine

The actual prohibition will lead to the fact that many smokers continue to smoke will be easier than switch to electronic cigarettes, and the increased risks in support roles stereotyped patterns of smoking, particularly for children from the most disadvantaged families with the highest prevalence of smoking.

In England, tobacco smoking kills nearly 80,000 people every year, and we should not forget the need for a comprehensive strategy in the fight against tobacco.

The challenge for us all is to understand that electronic cigarettes are designed to eradicate smoking, and not vice versa, as well as support and use any opportunity to reduce the harm from tobacco.

In 1980, it was used many different approaches to combat HIV. While some administrative institutions closed the gay bath and detained people with HIV, another preferred approach to harm reduction, promoting condom use and needle exchange program. Both approaches have some risks as well as possible, and therefore, it is too early to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of an approach in combating the prevalence of smoking.

It is obvious that any policy on electronic cigarettes should be based on a balanced ratio of evidence and controlled with all rigor and impartiality.

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