Ear pain in children, what to do?

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Ear pain in children is a phenomenon quite common. But not all parents know how to recognize ear pain in children and what to do in this case. It often happens that even in the evening everything was fine. If there was a slight indisposition, it is unlikely that someone has concentrated its attention on this. At night a sore throat, runny nose appeared, and began to raise the temperature. And aёll this against the background of ear pain in children. What to do in such a situation? Not every mother decide to call a doctor late at night. This question leads many adults in panic mode. After all, the baby, if it is still quite small, not able to say what was bothering him. He can cry much, or even scream. In this situation, the main thing do not panic.

How to recognize Ear pain in children? What to do?

Rather than just diagnose ear pain in children up to a year, as they cannot say about it. It is important to remember that, because of pain are usually «shooting» in nature, and will paroxysmal crying. During such «explosion» is very difficult to calm the baby. The child will touch the sore ear, put pen to it, and it may in turn to blush. A good way to diagnose that the child has ear pain, a reception clicking on the protruding area of the lower part of the ear. This causes severe ear pain in children, which in turn will lead to a baby crying. Also often lugs diseases accompanied by fever, usually within 37- 38 ° C. Perhaps the release of yellowish liquid. At the time when the ear pain in children, he often refuses to take food as swallowing or sucking causing him severe pain.

The reasons ear pain in children: what to do?

  • It is a frequent cause of colds, which caused the inflammation of the middle ear — otitis.
  • Infants rhinitis can cause otitis media, as they often are in a horizontal position. This can cause stagnation of mucus in the nose and throat, then — inflammation of the ear. Since the nasopharynx is connected to the middle ear via the Eustachian tube. And it has a value in the adjustment of air pressure on either side of the eardrum.
  • Also, babies can begin and otitis media due to getting breast milk during suckling from the nasopharynx to the middle ear.
  • Ingress of foreign bodies, and as a result, the child’s earache.
  • The consequence of a strong impact.
  • Furuncle in the outer ear.
  • Ear pain in children due to the ingress of water.
  • Other diseases (tonsillitis, toothache), one of the signs of which is that the ear pain in children. What can prompt a doctor.

First aid when ear pain in children

What to do when a sharp pain caught your baby at night? Just wait until the morning comes, is unlikely to happen, because the ear pain in children, the child brings a lot of suffering. In this case, it helps warming bandage. For it is necessary to take a cloth or gauze, moisten with a weak solution of vodka. The skin around the ear lubricated baby cream and apply to this place wrung cloth. And so that auditory hole remains open. Then close the top compress paper, after — a layer of cotton wool, and it’s all to fix a bandage from bandage. If you can not do such an operation, it is possible to simply warm the ear, using for this piece of wool and a scarf. But it is worth to remember if going from the ear pus, then these procedures is absolutely contraindicated!

Ear pain in children. What to do?

Ear pain in children

  • If a baby has a stuffy nose, you must first clean it. It is better to use a baby decongestants.
  • Drip 2 — 4 drops of boric acid or a moistened cotton swab in the prepared solution and inserted into the ear. It should not be cold. Warm it in your hands to the temperature of your body. But it is better to try to avoid such procedures as may be unknowingly burn the mucous membrane.
  • Give an anesthetic according to age.
  • Consult a specialist, even if the fact, if the ear pain in children quickly passed. Since the hidden complications can occur, as well as scars on the membrane, which can lead to hearing loss.

Errors of parents at a time when ear pain in children. What to do?

  • Self-medication. Medication often antibiotics without a prescription and a doctor’s prescription. Especially, if it is caused by a viral infection, the antibiotics do not cure it. Self-medication often leads to chronic forms of the disease.
  • UHF bands in the first stage of otitis. This can lead to an increase in pus. 3. Ear pain in children. It is worth remembering that otitis media develops in both ears, despite the fact that only one may be ill. Therefore, it is necessary to treat both the eye.


It must be remembered that the self is possible only in very rare cases, if the doctor is not there, and if in the next few hours you will not be able to address him! Be sure to visit a specialist doctor when ear pain in children. Your doctor will establish the correct diagnosis and point to ways to symptomatic treatment ear pain in children.

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