Do you have a sharp stomach pain and diarrhea?

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Stomach pain diarrhea

Today, there are many diseases that can cause stomach pain and diarrhea. It may be:

  1. Cholera;
  2. Dysentery;
  3. Colitis;
  4. Enteritis and so on.

Accurate diagnosis and treat any disease can only be a specialist in this field. It is for this reason should immediately consult your doctor in order to prevent the possibility of developing other more serious diseases.

Diet and diet

As soon as the person has stomach pain and diarrhea, will need to follow a certain diet:

  • Do not eat fried, salty, too sweet;
  • Exclude from the diet of coffee;
  • It is desirable to limit the consumption of dairy products with high acidity.

The main diet sick person in such a case shall consist only of protein. It is also recommended to increase fluid intake.

Diseases that cause stomach pain and diarrhea

Consider the main diseases that can cause a person stomach pain and diarrhea.

1. Colitis

Very often, these symptoms may be caused colitis, which is inflammation of the colon. This disease is very common. The causes of colitis are:

  • dysentery bacillus,
  • Salmonella
  • other harmful bacteria.

Colitis can be caused by malnutrition or ingestion of various poisons. Disease after treatment may appear repeatedly, but it is only if mode is disturbed proper nutrition.

Symptoms colitis

There are two stages of colitis:

  • Acute;
  • Chronic

In acute colitis can occur suddenly a sharp pain in his stomach and diarrhea. Also, these symptoms are accompanied by fever, loss of appetite and even pain during defecation urge.

Very often, an acute colitis becomes chronic stage of the disease. In this case, there may be blunt and crampy stomach pain. The patient feels abdominal distension and flatulence. Also, there is frustration of a chair. Belly distended colitis patient moderately.

Do you have a sharp stomach pain and diarrhea?

2. Cholera

Stomach pain and diarrhea may be a manifestation of serious disease such as cholera. What it is?

Cholera — an infectious disease that manifests lesion of the small intestine and a violation of water-salt measurement. Also, the patient can be observed varying degrees of dehydration. Very often there is vomiting.

Symptoms of cholera

Symptoms of the disease is quite varied. They cannot appear at all. Development of cholera can cause death, with the incubation period of the disease is 1-6 days.

Diet and diet.

Onset of the disease is quite sharp. For the initial manifestations include sudden violation stool (diarrhea) that can occur at night and in the morning. Initially, there is a chair kind of watery and only with time it becomes the state of «congee».

After violation of a chair at the patient appears vomit that erupts fountain. Stomach pain and diarrhea may and not occur with diarrhea and vomiting. Once the disease is the incubation period, the disruption of the gastrointestinal tract fades into the background and begin to show symptoms of dehydration of the body.

The patient observed a gradual weight loss of 5-6% of the total weight. Also lowers the level of hemoglobin and is present acceleration of ESR. The patient may complain of severe dizziness and seizures are sometimes observed in the calf muscles.

When cholera patient is present dry mouth, and the person experiences a constant thirst. If these symptoms are not given due attention, the disease spills over into more serious stage in which there is a loss of body weight by 8-9%, decreases blood pressure and body temperature, can also generally stop urination. Blood coagulates and thus it decreases the level of chlorine and of potassium.

At the last stage of the disease there is a loss of body weight by 10%, under the eyes appear «black circles». The skin becomes cold and very sticky to the touch, it can acquire a bluish tint. The body temperature is reduced to + 34,5oS. In some cases, it can even be fatal.

3. Dysentery

Dysentery is an infectious disease that affects the colon and is characterized by the time the general intoxication of the organism.

The agents of this disease are intestinal bacteria that may be a very long time to be in food or in open water.

The main symptoms of dysentery are:

·        stomach pain and diarrhea;

·        fever;

·        a chair can be a bloody discharge;

·        pain when urinating.

In case of severe stomach pain and diarrhea should be compulsory to consult a doctor. After all, only an expert can decide to conduct the necessary surveys for correct diagnosis. None of the diseases of this kind is not recommended to ignore, as the consequences of such actions can be negative.

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