Deap sleepwalking in children: causes, treatment, signs and symptoms

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Deap sleepwalking in children (somnambulism scientifically) is walking and speaking in a dream. It is believed that this phenomenon is related to the activity of the moon. That is why it is called sleepwalking. And while the moon still can have on the psyche of the people some of the impact, but the view is a mistake.

Deap sleepwalking in children is considered to be quite common. Statistics insists that he suffers from approximately 2.5% of the population worldwide. In a systematic form of sleepwalking manifested in 1-5% of children. About 30% of a child walking in a dream a few times. And more often suffer from sleepwalking boys than girls.

According to the observations, Deap sleepwalking in children is usually held to 15 years. And about 1% of children in adulthood continue sleepwalking. As a rule, the first cases of sleepwalking appear in 3-4 years old. A Sleepwalking is most common in children aged 5 to 10 years.

It should be noted that the disease is not always necessary to Deap sleepwalking in children viewed as a serious disease, but the child’s behavior during somnambulism raises many questions.

Moony often looks as if he just stays awake. The main thing is to know whether your child’s behavior during the «night walking,» a strange and unusual.

Most often, Deap sleepwalking in children occurs during very deep sleep. The child gets out of bed, wandering around the house, sometimes urinates in a completely unsuitable for this field, and then either falls asleep in an unusual place or striding back to his bed and go to sleep, completely forgetting where and what he had done.

Some children with Sleepwalking go from one room to another, but do not go out and do not commit stupid acts. They just wander, muttering all sorts of nonsense, then quietly returned to his bed.

Causes of Deap sleepwalking in children

Today medical studies have not given a definitive answer to the question: what is the true cause of Deap sleepwalking in children. But experts have already found a lot of «evidence.» These «evidence» includes the ripening period, anxiety, internal or environmental stress. However, that can cause sleepwalking one child may not be its cause another. Every child matures at a different rate, and symptoms of anxiety and stress they are manifested in different ways. Causes and symptoms of sleepwalking in children should be determined individually for each child.

There are several causes and symptoms of Deap sleepwalking in children:

  • still weak nervous system;
  • stressful experiences;
  • stress and anxiety;
  • acute reaction to a quarrel or punishment, conflict or resentment;
  • extremely heavy loads while studying;
  • neurosis (hysteria, neurasthenia), clouded state as a result of hysteria;
  • birth defects;
  • epilepsy;
  • somatic, chronic disease;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • neuroinfection;
  • poisoning poisons worms.

The mechanism, which causes sleepwalking, is actually very simple. The process of inhibition of the central nervous system does not affect parts of the brain that are responsible for the coordination of movement functions. If, however, the inhibition, but shallow, incomplete degree, the child during sleep can just sit down on the bed, or to say something in a dream.

Scientists have proved that Deap sleepwalking in children is also a hereditary factor. Although not yet defined a single gene that is the culprit of Deap sleepwalking in children. There is some speculation that this adenosine deaminase gene, which determines the phase of REM sleep. Also it found and believed that cause hereditary predisposition to walking in a dream just a few genes.

Treatment of Deap sleepwalking in children or what to do if your child is a sleepwalker

If your child has detected signs of sleepwalking, you definitely need to get acquainted with the recommendations of the experts on how to treat sleepwalking.

If Deap sleepwalking in children become regular, it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor. It is important to know that like walking in a dream may indicate a fairly serious illness (eg, epilepsy). In need of care and those children who have sleepwalking is random.

Deap sleepwalking in children: causes, treatment, signs and symptoms

It is necessary to monitor the Deap sleepwalking in children, as it could easily get injured. Better to protect all the exits from the house or apartment, to block the way to the window and the front door. Windows must be very well-locked, so that the child could not open them. Remove from free access to the cutting, stitching, flammable items.

Finding Deap sleepwalking in children, quietly spend it in bed. At the very least, you can interrupt sleep, but it should be very quiet and calm voice.

Be sure to consult individually about Deap sleepwalking in children to specialist. It is necessary to exclude the likelihood of organic disorders. You may need counseling and neuropsychiatrist.

Remove neurotic disorders may be a psychologist or therapist. As a rule, the treatment appointed by the soothing, restorative agent. If the child suffers from epilepsy, you can write a prescription for anticonvulsants.

In some cases, appointed by an electroencephalogram (EEG), Doppler blood vessels of the head, cervical spine, the study of the fundus by an ophthalmologist.

The maximum frequency, lower the conflicts in the family and the burden on the patient. Try to maintain a trusting relationship with the child, so that he could share their experiences and impressions of the day. Strongly Avoid evening scandals unnecessary overstimulation of the child before bedtime (including positive emotions). Putting the baby to sleep, it is useful to read a good book (already familiar to him) or a prayer, if you — a believer. Positive effect on small children sung a lullaby at night.

About an hour before the night’s sleep baby soothing tea, such as motherwort, mint or lemon balm. Make an evening relaxing bath with lavender. It is also helpful to put a bag of hops for nursery pad. If your child is not allergic, it can be used in the nursery aromatic oils: chamomile, lavender, geranium and sandalwood others.

If there is something unusual or atypical in those considerations which a child says during his presentation of the night, it is something definitely needs to be assessed and the urgent intervention of parents. If the child is suddenly exposed to sleepwalk, it should be examined by experts on the subject of what precipitated the event.

Deap sleepwalking in children is not normal childhood, but it should not be seen as a disaster. The occasional manifestations of somnambulism there is absolutely no cause for concern. But you need to know how to behave in cases where this phenomenon is suddenly caught by surprise. If the parents do everything possible to protect and cure the child from all kinds of danger or injury during the «night walking,» trying to find the causes of Deap sleepwalking in children, each member of the family will be able to sleep well at night.

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