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QIST AL HINDI, QUST Al-Hindi COSTUS ROOT hindi is a medicinal plant that contains benzene acid helinin. These ingredients are good natural antiseptics, restore the normal ratio of hormones. This is one of those means, which has always been in the Prophet Muhammad’s medicine cabinet, peace and blessings of God.


The west has long acknowledged the Islamic world’s contribution to the field of medicine but very few people recognise the sources and foundations which led to such great advances and findings. These foundations are in fact the guidelines set by Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, which are preserved in the Noble Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah.

We are living in a time where health problems have reached epidemic proportions and people are suffering great spiritual and physical diseases. Such problems cannot however, be brought to an end by adopting the many hundreds of new gimics and treatment plans, but will require Divine aid: Prophetic Medicine.

The official name of the plants in the modern world — Kostusev. It grows in Pakistan, India, China and Nepal. Find grass can be in different countries, but active application Costus Qust hindi reflected among Muslims in Islamic medicine as treatment kystom is Sunnah of the Prophet, peace and blessings of the Creator.

How to use the plant during pregnancy?

The means used by the girls during the childbearing. During this period, her many medications are contraindicated, but engaged in strengthening the immune system and maintaining its position prihoditsya.  Bryone Costus khust hindi is used in pregnancy rate of 1 small spoon on a glass of water. Should not drink more than two times per day.

Allowed to drink a beverage during colds. In this case, not only inside the herb used, but it is made inhalation. You can be sure that such treatment will not bring any harm to the future child.

Reviews Bryone Costus khust hindi said that the girl, being in position can mix grass with olive oil and drip 2 drops several times a day. To this infusion is taken turned out 0.5 cups of oil, which is poured into a bottle of dark glass. There is added the grass. After 10 days, the oil is ready for use.

At a time when a woman is experiencing cramping, passing in attempts, the room fumigated grass. It is good for cervical ripening genitals. If it is decided to give birth in the water bath is added in about 2 liters of infusion. Making such a procedure is possible starting at 35 weeks of pregnancy.

Bryone Costus Qist hindi is buy and immediately after birth. It will help to restore the immune system, as well as get rid of postpartum hemorrhage. Sometimes during childbirth a woman has tears. Cope with them is with the use of honey, this herb. Dark thick mixture is applied directly to the damaged area, or only on a lining. This method is also very good for the treatment of wounds, cuts, scars.

If you decide to QIST AL HINDI is a medicinal plant 2019 that contains benzene acid helinin.  hindi capsules buy, the effect on the body is complex. When vaginal inflammatory diseases of the ground powder plants use easily. It is necessary to take the usual lining, smear honey and sprinkle grass.

Application in gynecology and associated with infertility treatment. Powder allows to maintain iron balance and hormones, as well as activates all the mechanisms aimed at successful conception and childbearing. When infertility is one teaspoon dissolved in water, and such a mixture to drink five times a day. The course of a month, then you need to take a break and repeat the reception.

In inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs it is recommended brewing powder and do the bath. An excellent complement them will swabs soaked with honey. kystom treatment occurs by maintaining the balance of iron and hormones. When taken regularly reduces inflammation in the pelvic organs. All this greatly increases the chances of getting pregnant.

It helps Costus khust hindi infertility helps both men. Costus restores motility. When this reception is the same as for the treatment of female infertility. Tibetan doctors also recommend to add to the diet of raw nuts and pumpkin. Besides milled herbs, men can consume capsules. Properties Kostusev is so wide that at the same time it will help to cure inflammation of the urinary organs.

Applications for children

Dosage Bryone Costus khust hindi children selected depending on the age of the baby. Babies the best escape from the cold will be breast milk. For faster results the room filled with smoke from the plant. Permission is granted to make inhalation with its use, as well as rubbing the chest and back with a mixture of olive oil and Kostusev. For a child to receive useful trace elements in breast milk, mom need to drink 1 teaspoon of the powder from 2 to 5 times a day.

It is an interesting application izmolotyh roots in the processing of umbilical cord baby. Doing this can begin as soon as it is cut. If after that the tip is a little blood on the cotton wool to apply olive oil, which was insisted on kyste. Then the clot is pushed. Later allowed to sprinkle the navel region until they are healed. For more effective disinfecting root infused in a week on alcohol. Then the navel 1-2 times a day wiped.

If you do not know how to take kyst al Hindi, and give it to the kids, it is necessary to start with very small doses. Usually assigned to children from 1 teaspoon per day. From the number may be increased. For the treatment of otitis media, throat, used oil, present on the root or bark. It coats the mucous well and relieves inflammation.

Use Khist hindi 2019 is evident in the treatment of a diathesis. Child, including a newborn, you can bathe in a decoction of herbs. If the rashes are weeping nature, this herb is mixed with starch in a ratio of 1: 2. This powder is used as often as possible. It is recommended to do more often airing kozhi.Primenenie children kyst Al Hindi has practically no contraindications. If you are hypersensitive, simply refuse to accept.

Costus in Islamic medicine sunnah Costus in Islamic medicine sunnah

QIST AL HINDI — face treatment

Used plant and cosmetic purposes. Because it contains large amounts of trace elements, after applying kyst al Hindi face may be noted not only a cleansing, but also to improve its color. To get rid of freckles, a mixture of powder, water and honey. After a few days of regular rubbing of the skin can be seen that a person will be completely cleared. This helps in the recipe and if there are acne caused by hormonal failure in the body.

If the wash water with the addition of regular ingredient on the face, as well as throughout the body will not pimples or other problems. Another recipe helps with:

  • recovery problem of the dermis;
  • regeneration of the skin;
  • exfoliation;
  • eliminate age spots.

This requires a mix Costus Qist hindi with warm clear liquid and let stand for 10 minutes. Then, the composition is applied to clean skin on a quarter of an hour, and then washed off. Since the skin on the face is thin, it is recommended to evaluate the response to the inner side of the elbow. For this purpose, a small amount applied to the skin. If the treated area will turn red, while the use of masks is reduced.

Costus khust hindi is Sunnah Costus khust hindi is Sunnah


Almost all Muslim women keep in their medicine cabinet is a miraculous means. According to the Sunnah Bryone Costus Qist hindi is used to enhance the body’s own forces on the heal. The Prophet put the plant along with the cupping. He considered them the best remedy for all diseases. Doctors who treat on the Sunnah, they say that taking this powder can be seven different ways.
Drink — the surest way to get rid of diseases. The plant has a strong bactericidal effect, it helps to remove the body of a variety of parasites. To this end the roots are ground and mixed with water. Action beverage is enhanced by adding honey to it. Perhaps the use of kyst al Hindi, and for weight loss. It stabilizes the metabolism, stimulates the digestive tract, removes from the body toxins.
This lecture was recorded by a brother who attended the lecture which I believe took place in al-Athariyyah. I am not aware of any official high quality recordings by the brothers at maktabah salafiyyah for this lecture.

For inhalations necessary to set fire to the bark and roots of the plant. Inhale this smoke for 10-15 minutes a day. Due to inhalation through the nose couples get into the brain, where he lives «genie». He was the smell is so not like that he takes flight. Therefore, this tool is used in the treatment of certain mental illnesses and to get rid of witchcraft.

Good Food, Health, Chronic Illness & Prophetic Medicine

Seven treatments by the Sunnah involves the use of:
  • ointment
  • medicine,
  • compress,
  • poultices,
  • fumigation,
  • inhalations,
  • rinses.

For compresses the olive oil is added and the mixture may comprise water or honey. Each of these methods has its own impact.

It should be noted that Islamic medicine used white khust hindi. The first type is milder, and the second has a stronger effect. Both bodies help fight diseases and their external manifestations. Plants have no contraindications, so it is used as an adult and a child therapy.

Buy Costus Qust hindi

Thus, Qust hindi has many proven effects. Among them, the analgesic effect, carminative and diuretic. It can tone up and cause new cells to appear. Effectively means and bronchial hyperreactivity, as it helps to relax their muscles. Enjoy and grass roots anti-allergic properties. The main thing doctors recommend always start taking the capsules or powder in small doses, increasing them to the right.
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