Condoms will be a new generation of manufacturing of juice weed

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Scientists made the discovery of the Green Continent, which will reduce the thickness of the walls of condoms by almost a third. At the same time raw material source for the mass production of ultra-thin condoms virtually inexhaustible — is prickly Australian weeds.

One of the reasons for the continued spread of HIV on the planet is the reluctance of many men, regardless of their country of residence and skin color to use condoms during sexual intercourse.

What the main tasks of the new condoms?

His abandonment of safe sex, they motivate very simply: that even the most high-quality condoms are made of thin latex or even polyurethane significantly reduces the sharpness of sensations.

Condoms will be a new generation of manufacturing of juice weed

Perhaps the number of supporters of the «extreme» sex significantly reduced after the start of production of a new generation of condoms, which have been developed by researchers from the University of the Australian state of Queensland (University of Queensland).

They found that the additives in the formed product, which can be separated from the spinifex weed growing on the Green continent over large areas, condoms can reduce the thickness of as much as 30%.

At the same time the strength of «rubber products not only not reduced, but the opposite — increased by 20%.

The process of obtaining the product of spinifex plants are «rolling stone field» of the steppes and deserts of Australia, it is much simpler and cheaper than currently existing methods which involve the use of wood.

Scientists from the Queensland interested in properties spinifex after learned that Australian Aborigines used the specific properties of the juice of this plant for practical purposes. They were made of him an adhesive, by which is securely attached to the tips of their copies of the flagpole.

The first batch of ultra-thin condoms and surgical gloves will be produced at the plant in Queensland this year.

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