Clean the body of old cells prolongs the life — scientists

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Experiments on mice showed that prolongs the life are increased by a third.

American scientists conducted an experiment to clean the body from aging cells and proved that it extends prolongs the life of 17-35 percent, reports Nature. Moreover, this effect is achieved without significant side effects.

It is known that over time in the body due to the fission process, accumulate mutations. To the old cells do not degenerate into cancer, the body starts cleaning mechanism of aging cells. However, with age, this process becomes slow and inefficient and waste cells accumulate in organs and tissues.

Having lost the ability to share such harm to neighboring cells, and provoke a variety of chronic diseases.

Scientists have prolonged the life in mice by one-third

Clean the body of old cells prolongs the life - scientists

Mayo Clinic researchers conducted an experiment on the body clean from senescent cells in experimental mice, employing drug AP20187.

During the experiment, scientists have noted that within six months, the mouse feels much healthier, and their heart and kidneys work better. In addition, the effect was evident in the behavior of animals — they have become more active, more mobile and more boldly.

However, the most important — increased prolongs the life span of mice exposed to AP20187, at 17-35 per cent.

The publication notes that the experiments carried out on genetically modified mice, which are susceptible to the effects of the drug. Currently, experts are going to create a similar product for the common organisms and begin testing.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have found a way to extend human life to 120 years using one of the methods of treatment of diabetes mellitus.

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