Childhood without worms: mass deworming in India

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Getting rid of worms not only improves overall health but also promotes the development of children’s brains. So this week in India launched an unprecedented scale campaign on deworming, where millions of children will be covered.

Worms are rarely the cause of death of their «owners», but they are capable of causing a general depletion of the body, and the children slow down the development of the organism, including the development of mental abilities.

Why is India doing mass deworming for Childhood?

With this in mind, in India, where, because of health problems are extremely common worm infestation, began a massive deworming of all children.

Childhood without worms: mass deworming in India

It is expected that in the course of this campaign, special preparations to ensure the expulsion of worms from the body will receive at least 270 million young Indians.

If this task is completed, it will be possible to argue that Indian doctors have achieved a great success — the assessment of WHO experts helminths may be contaminated with up to 220 million children in this country between the ages of 1 and 14 years.

On Wednesday, 900,000 health care workers, as well as secondary school teachers, specially trained, began in an organized manner to distribute de-worming medication for children.

Thanks to the efforts of the Government of India and the assistance of the World Health Organization, the stocks of such drugs in the country is more than enough for the second phase of de-worming, exact dates to be determined in the near future.

The spread of worms in India contributes significantly to the difficulty of access to clean drinking water and poor sanitation, associated with the lack of well-appointed toilets.

According to data released recently by employees UNICEF, Save the Children, nearly 600 million people in India are forced to constantly send defecate in the open.

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