Child stomach pain and vomits: HOW TO HELP?

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All parents should know how to behave if a child started vomiting without temperature. In this article, the author tells how to help the children if the Child stomach pain and vomits. Vomiting usually is a symptom of other diseases and can lead to dehydration and many other problems. Watch how you can treat vomiting

Child stomach pain and vomits: HOW TO HELP?

Natural Home Remedies for Vomiting

  • Small children, as well as quite a grown-up children often complain of Child stomach pain and vomits. Also, the pain may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and other phenomena.
  • In some cases, parents prefer to do their own treatment of the child, do not go to the doctor, assuming normal that their child from time to time can hurt the stomach.

Video: Kids Health: Vomiting — Natural Home Remedies for Vomiting

However, in some cases, Child stomach pain and vomits, accompanied by some other symptoms may occur because of a disease, which affects the child, but the parents can know and not to know. Parents especially need to be more careful and avoid self-treatment when child stomach pain and vomits.

Very often recurrent child stomach pain and vomits may result from dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. In clinical practice, as often there are cases when the child stomach pain and vomits is caused by the presence of a child of a particular disease. This may be hepatitis, gastric ulcer, intestinal obstruction, tuberculosis, appendicitis, disorders of the genitourinary system, pancreatitis, or inflammation of the gastric bubble. Also it may be some disorders, such as food poisoning in all cases to avoid further complications the child must undergo a full examination by a doctor, because parents may not be aware of the presence of a disease in a child, and self-treatment of symptoms of the disease can, instead of good, it can make your child worse.

Video: Kids Health: Vomiting - Natural Home Remedies for Vomiting

Video: Kids Health: Vomiting — Natural Home Remedies

As already noted, Child stomach pain can be caused by various reasons, but other than that you should pay attention to the fact, to which the child belongs to the age group, because a newborn tummy ache for another reason than the kindergarten or school children.

A newborn baby in the tummy pain are caused mainly by the so-called colic, or, in other words when the tummy after feeding have accumulated gases cause the baby anxiety. In this case the child is very nervous, crying, pounding feet and knees trying to squeeze to the tummy, she refuses to eat. This can continue an hour or several hours. The child calms down only after all the gases go out of his body. In this case, the child can help the tummy a gentle massage, special exercises, and so on.  If the Child stomach pain and vomits without temperature, you may have a problem with the intestinal tract. In this case, the newborn child should see a doctor, the more so that this child had been also some bloating.

In cases of viral infections there is a general loss of appetite, fever, nausea and vomiting, and some other symptoms. In more severe cases, Child stomach pain and vomits of one year age can be caused by the presence of an inguinal hernia. This disease is accompanied by symptoms such as strong and sharp pain in the lower abdomen, vomiting, and in some cases, fever.

In no case cannot be dealt with by separate treatment of this disease, with the manifestation of the child above symptoms should immediately call a doctor and carry a child in a medical institution, as it may require surgical intervention. Operations for the treatment of such diseases are not difficult, but necessary. After this operation the child recover quickly, it will not remain scars. Many fear such operations, but they are harmless and can only lead to an improvement.

In older children, such as kindergarten age child stomach pain and vomits can be caused by a variety of reasons, to understand in which parents can help children’s doctor. This may be constipated bowels, various intestinal infections, certain diseases, such as pneumonia and others. Children in this age group stomach pain can be caused by the same food poisoning, or an allergy to a particular product. In this case as well pain accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headache, in some cases increasing temperature. Kids have school age can suffer from the same illnesses as children of the previous age group.

As a rule, the frequent occurrence of child stomach pain and vomits of different age groups have said the presence of a disease in a child. In addition, physicians but physical causes frequent stomach pain, and considered as possible psychological factors, such as the longing for his own home, for parents in their absence, stress, nervous tension and other factors. Child stomach pain and vomits due to psychological causes, usually occurs in the area of the navel, so that the doctor, trying to understand the cause of abdominal pain in a child, first of all trying to figure out where it hurts, what it is like this pain, when and under what circumstances it occurs, and so on.

  • Vomiting usually a consequence of stomachache and stomach.
  • Vomiting at child may be caused by an allergic reaction to any product that is not transferred his body. In this case, parents can simply remove this product from the child’s diet, and then everything will be fine.
  • Usually, vomiting, caused in this manner, there is no longer and the baby calms down after one, two diarrhea. But if the child has vomiting without temperature is prolonged, repeated several times in a certain period of time, it may be assumed that the child has food poisoning any product or his upset stomach.
  • These disorders begin to appear with loss of appetite, followed by nausea, severe pain in the upper part of the stomach, followed by vomiting, after which the child for a while calms down and does not feel pain and nausea, but after a certain period of time the symptoms again begin to appear and everything is repeated.
  • This can continue for a very long time may be a day or more.

These are the most common causes of child stomach pain and vomits, but there are also many other reasons that vary from age to age. For example vomiting in infants can be caused by certain diseases, such as various infections and difficulty eating. In older children, the causes can be very diverse — from simple colds and flu to dangerous infectious diseases. Also quite common emotional reasons, oddly enough stress and overload can cause vomiting in children.

Understand the causes of the disease that plagues the child, should consider how to help him. But in this case, parents need to be very careful, because the causes may not be as obvious, and parents can make a mistake in the diagnosis, so that in any case it is better to trust the doctor.

In some cases, parents can take their child’s treatment of vomiting. For example, if there are signs of food poisoning or are suspected of such, it is recommended to give the child plenty of fluids, and it is better if it will be clear drinks without gas, such as plain water. But in this case, do not force the child. The child usually feels intuitively what is best for your body in this situation. If he refuses food and water, so it is better for him. You can invite him to drink water in small sips throughout the day. A doctor should be called if child stomach pain and vomits is very abundant and are present in blood separation, as in the case in the face of signs of appendicitis. The doctor will conduct a thorough study of the child and after the establishment of the cause of the illness of the child, appropriate treatment, depending on what the cause of the vomiting.

In cases when the child stomach pain and vomits, the parents are best not to delay calling a doctor, since attempts to self-treatment, in some cases, can make your child worse.

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