Causes severe knee pain while running

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Severe knee pain while running is always a reason to think about a hike to the doctor. And more so, it is impossible to ignore the pain when running.

As always severe knee pain while running reasons

  • Meniscus — rounded cartilage in the knee joint. Damage can be ridiculously easy. The reason, for example, may be even a bad warm-up before training. If not successful, a jump or sharp turn ligaments holding the meniscus of toil, there is a sharp severe knee pain while running. Later, the joint swells because fluid accumulates interarticular. Not a pleasant thing that a torn meniscus difficult to treat, often the problem can be solved only by surgery though the former fortress is already difficult to achieve.
  • Stretching or another ligament tear may occur as a failed landing. Symptoms are similar to the signals of the meniscus injury — a severe knee pain while running, swelling. It is treated more easily, but this tends to still not worth it.
  • Dislocated kneecap common injury for runners. There is often, and in principle by itself is safe. But the constant relapses lead to sprains, joint weakens gradually taking chronic. Starts accompanied by painful sensations.
  • Young people change associated with the development of the body, causing pain due to the uneven development of blood vessels. Bones and muscles. Such severe knee pain while running usually passes soon.
  • A separate contribution to the cause of the destruction of the knee joint is contributing factors arising from incorrect landing foot on the ground while running. Running — cyclic exercise. Step by step the wrong foot posed on the ground given to the destruction of the knee (and even the spine, because the accounts and amortize it).

The foot is not amortized the body weight when:

Causes severe knee pain while running

A) improper running technique when applied to stop the ground than on the toe and on the heel. Education running technique will solve this problem.

B) flat feet, through which impact on the ground is compensated over the spine, and especially knee

B) Bad shoes, which deprives the spring back foot hit the ground.

First aid: as much as possible not to disturb the movement of the damaged joint, apply a cold (through a cloth that would not frostbitten) for 15 minutes 3-4 times a 30minutnym break. To reduce the risk of joint edema raise higher and at rest. Even after the severe knee pain while running is gone, you need to see a doctor.

Causes severe knee pain while running

My story should not you get scared and quit (or refuse) from training. The right attitude to run will bring you health and beauty. But before you start exercising should be properly prepared.

  • Podberite Right shoes. It should not interfere with the foot to bend, is required to be light, through the sole should not be forced through the small bumps in the road.
  • Explore Running technique. When flat feet can be run. I like to run. But it’s harder to do. When running, I constantly monitored the landing on the toe. Fast running allows to land on the toe because it implies a strong lean forward. But at long distances landing legs dictates the conditions.
  • The length of the distance wear out the joint and the knee needs time to recover, the muscles do not even need to rest as required by the joints. Regeneration of young people up to 25 years allows them to run every day, but adults jogging workout 3-4 times a week is contraindicated. Replace it gymnastics, or, at worst, yoga.
  • For Better run smooth, but the soft ground. ideal — waterfront wet sand. But you can weed. Asphalt can bear only a child accustomed to his knees.
  • Carefully Warming up. Running half-step, without the presence of the active phase of flight, is not dangerous sticking and shock load on the knees. Such half run the best time to warm up. Do not start to increase the pace until you feel that the body is warmed up. When frost stretches kneepads, apply warming ointment.

Well if there was pain, but still constant, but still such that the legs give way, look for ways to dodge as you like, but you must show a doctor knees. Running the wrong destroys not only the knees and spine, but already there is scope for sores. The Proper attitude towards themselves and their health will save from doctors. Verified by me. Take care of yourself and your knees!

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