Causes of sleepwalking in children and adults

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Each of us at least once in his life heard of sleepwalking in children and not only children, which became the storyline of many horror stories. In the Middle Ages this disease carefully concealed from others as people who walk in his sleep were considered servants of the devil and could be sentenced to be burned at the stake of the Inquisition. Today lunatics are no less concern. Only, unlike the European Inquisition, the modern inhabitants believe in the dream of people wandering mentally ill. Despite its name, it is firmly connected to the satellite of the Earth, sleepwalking, the reasons which may not be established today, has nothing to do with the phases of the moon and is a symptom rather than a disease.

Features sleepwalking in children and adult

The scientists found that sleepwalking in children and adult is a special condition on the background of non-REM sleep, the stage at which there are no dreams. During this stage, possible presence as a brief episode in which a person sits down, mumbling something incomprehensible, and falls asleep instantly, and long. During long episodes lunatic can move around the apartment, and even put on a robe and go out into the street. And all this he will do anything in the morning, and unconsciously from its own nocturnal adventures will remember. In the daytime, a sleepwalker is no different from ordinary people.

The reason sleepwalking in children

Sleepwalking is a state that has no children. From it are equally affected both adults and children. Moreover, the proportion of cases among children is much higher than among adults.

As a rule, the first bouts of sleepwalking in children appear between the ages of 4-5 years. Sleepwalking in children, the causes of which are not as diverse as in adults, is considered to be a manifestation of age, the child is, in most cases successfully, «grows». These symptoms disappear on average 9-12 years, when the child’s mind becomes strong and does not react to day-night walking abundance of emotions and awakening the sleeping body. Also cause symptoms of sleepwalking in children can be a strong moral shock. Sleepwalking in children, the causes of which lie in the over-sensitivity, not a danger to others.

To avoid such attacks will help compliance with simple rules:

  • Completion of active play for 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Strict adherence to sleep.

In that case, if you see your child wandering in a dream, do not wake him up. It is better to accompany him to the bed, avoiding sudden gestures and loud, re-bedding.

The reasons sleepwalking in adult

Sleepwalking naturally occurring in adults is rare. Only 1% of people can not «grow» sleepwalking. Often the cause of such manifestations are the following factors:

  • a lot of stress;
  • brain disease;
  • the effect of alcohol or drugs;
  • side effects of drugs.

Sleepwalking in adult, as well as small, quietly moved around the apartment (sometimes with open eyes), can provide answers to questions and even go on a night walk. Most often, adults do go to bed, but not in his bed, and in any other place (on the couch in the living room, the carpet in the hallway). Since all the action during an attack a person commits half asleep, it makes no sense to explain to him what was going on while he is in this state. Desirably, as well as a child, to carry it to the bed and try to put to sleep.

Causes of sleepwalking in children and adults

Is not it time to see a doctor?

Many of these households are scared night walks relatives and strive as soon as possible to see a doctor for help. In fact, Sleepwalking in children and adult is not always so serious, as is commonly believed. Individual or extremely rare manifestations are not in need of medical care and tested by themselves. To the doctor should contact the following cases:

  • There are nightly manifestation of the disease for a long period;
  • the patient is a danger to others;
  • Teenager that still suffers from Sleepwalking in children.

The doctor will send the patient to the survey, the results of which indicate the nature of the disease and help you make the right purposes, which may include not only a variety of medication drugs and hypnosis.

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