Causes ear pain in children

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Many mothers often think that only young children up to three years, the ears may hurt quite often. It turns out that when children grow up, and then the disease will be. But the opinion of professionals is not always talking about the same.

In fact, the kids are really suffering from pain in the ears more often than adults. This can be explained by the fact that the auditory tube in young children between the causes ear pain in children is shorter and wider than that of adults. Therefore, the infection easily gets into your ears.

Therefore, infants often suffer from otitis. That is the causes ear pain in children is cold and adenoids.

A runny nose is permanent enemy ears. If the treated ears, but they should be treated as a runny nose, the ears will continue to hurt. It is impossible to think that he will host a runny nose. When a child is recovering from otitis media, rhinitis, and infection is located near the ears.

If enlarged adenoids will be violated auditory tube patency, infection occurs.

What causes ear pain in children otitis media?

The causes ear pain in children of otitis media may be adenoids and inflammation, colds, sinusitis and sinus diseases, indiscriminate use of antibiotics, low immunity, allergy, and strong cooling body.

Causes ear pain in children

Pain in the ear does not mean that it hurts the ear. In causes ear pain in children a lot of nerve endings, when the disease can also cause pain.

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And the causes ear pain in children media can be felt only about three days. But the inflammation process continues for another two weeks. Many parents treat the ears of children when they are ill, and then, when the pain goes away, stop treatment. And the inflammatory process continues. This can lead to chronic otitis media and hearing the loss in a child.

How not to be plagued by chronic?

From the beginning to the end is cure otitis media. Then, within two months, make sure that your baby is not supercooled and not get sick of a new infection. It is necessary to moderate the large exercise.

If otitis held with pus, then an opening through which flowed the pus cannot be delayed. Therefore, make sure that the child will not dive for a year and did not swim in the pool, river, and sea.

Relief brings warmth

When is a child experiencing otitis very severe pain? To relieve such pain, you can gently push the cotton swab in the ear that you want to impregnate three-percent boric alcohol. The alcohol should be heated to body temperature. Put a drop of alcohol themselves on the back of the hand. With this, you do not have to feel the cold or heat from a strong drop.

It is also possible to drip three or four drops of Vaseline oil or boric alcohol. To do this, place the baby on his side, up and back, pull the outer ear and drip. Lying on his side takes about ten minutes and put a little cotton wool in the ear before a child will rise. The heat reduces the pain. Boric alcohol is good for the ear.

Causes ear pain in children

You can make compresses. They improve metabolism in tissues, reduces inflammation. Take the cheesecloth, fold it in several layers, make an incision in order to get the «pants» get wet gauze in alcohol warmed and put on her ear. On top lay polyethylene, also cut into the form of «panties.» Then put cotton wool and tie the head to compress under no blew.

If the sore ear, nose drips child. This will improve the patency of the auditory tube, reduce the cold. When you drop into the right nostril, you need to turn your head slightly to the right of the child (in this case he must lie on his back), and when the left nostril, turn your head to the left.

Four cautions parents: causes ear pain in children

The child cannot walk without a hat in autumn and spring when it’s cold. Then there cold as on the head is a lot of reflex zones. With a cold and runny nose occur ears ache.

Causes ear pain in children

Do not open the window in the car when you are sitting in the front, and the child behind. The wind is blowing straight into the baby’s ears.

The child cannot swim, dive after otitis media: it will lead to recurrent disease.

If a child is sick, do not carry it from one country to another, even if there where you go, very warm. This will worsen the patient’s condition due to sudden changes in temperature, and the disease can give complication.

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