Capoeira: Dance until the young!

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The rhythmic flowing movements in an instant replaced by sharp turns, jumps, and sophisticated contactless blows. I watch the capoeira: while dancing, playing and martial arts. I do not know whether it is a complete definition of the word «capoeira», but firmly believes: capoeira allows you to stay in great shape, with it both physical and spiritual.

Even if you stay on the dance part of capoeira and become master jumps over the head with a place at an angle of 45 degrees, a beautiful stomach you provided.

Inside the circle of the action takes place. Two capoeira under ethnic music is dance dialogue. They are like two cocks — that lifts up one another, praising, then flirting. They danced around a kind of circular ring and rhythmically clapping their hands. The speed of their movement coincides with the music tempo. At first everything is slow, then the tempo increases, I do not even have time to follow the rapid, accurate, but at the same time flexible and beautiful movements of the warrior dancers.

Capoeira — the only martial art that deals with live music. The songs create a special atmosphere: they are lyric, patriotic, humorous and even aggressive. There’s even a song about rodents with coconut in the teeth.

For viewers (those who form a circle) their rules of conduct. Sometimes you have to sing, sometimes silent and vice versa just clapping. To understand what was going on, without a hundred grams can only be experienced Capoeira.

Capoeira more than fitness

Capoeira: Dance until the young!

What capoeira appeared in America is less than 10 years ago. She came to us from Brazil, where she was once exported to the Black Continent. Combining elements of dance, music and acrobatic exercises we have some viewed as another kind of fitness. And at first, to train capoeira came precisely to lose weight. Gradually, everyone realized that capoeira still more than just fitness. Although during training spent a lot of energy, developed a variety of muscle groups and put to proper breathing.

Although we cannot say that those who want to lose weight, are unhappy with the results. First and foremost when practicing capoeira well-trained calves, thighs, and buttocks. A month later, the girls can forget the word «cellulite». I even envy at heart, seeing the elastic, lightweight, slim body kapoeyristok.

Next — press. Even if you stay on the dance part of capoeira and become master jumps over the head with a place at an angle of 45 degrees, a beautiful stomach you provided. In addition, after training, despite their richness, especially for physically untrained persons, you will experience a feeling of lightness and pleasant fatigue, and after a certain time to impress friends, sat at ease on the twine.

Where to begin?

Start capoeira can a man with any physical training. For starters, you can go to a trial lesson. You have a choice: to participate in the process (and get a boost of energy) or sit in a corner and watch. When you sign up for a trial lesson, ask what it is: training or race?

Training consists of a warm-up (jogging, stretching and so on), is replaced by acrobatic elements (with the time it comes to any somersault with support). Ends coaching demonstration performances of «old men». This is the most beautiful part. Typically, training takes place twice a week.

Capoeira: Dance until the young!

Rod consists of two parts: a dance with sticks and actually capoeira. Under the blows of these Brazilian drums capoeiristas do some exercises with sticks, making a rhythmic and at the same time smooth movements. This serves as a warm-up and then starts itself capoeira. Under ethnic music and songs in Portuguese, who perform the coach and some of the students in pairs to go dancers circle wrestlers. The rest clap their hands, sing along and are turned on in the game.

What to choose training or race? If you want to «try on» the maximum exercise that you expect, choose a workout. If the soul has required spectacles — the full pleasure from the aesthetics of capoeira you get on the way. And training, and kind lasts two hours without a break, but the time flies by.

Sports Clothing should be comfortable (including in order to stand on his head). The color white is considered capoeira, but no one will criticize if you come in the dark. But do not worry about shoes, it will not be necessary. Classes are held on his bare feet.

If you are determined to do, it is better to buy a ticket.

Down with the shackles of slavery

Capoeira originated in the XXV century — at a time when slavery flourished with might and main. Planters cruelly treated with black, and I had always in the form of slaves to escape. Disguised as ritual dance elements of martial arts, gradually from the slaves in the hands (or rather, in the legs, because the hands were chained), proved a formidable weapon in the struggle.

In our time of peace, when the majority of issues are resolved through peaceful negotiations, the need for capoeira as a martial art in disappeared. Today it is more beautiful, mesmerizing game dance with elements of acrobatics. Few perceive capoeira as a way of the warrior. Most of it help to relax after a hard day’s work, which is playing in her, to cheer up and make friends, and someone perceives as the funny and unusual sport.

By the way, recently became part of some capoeira shows. For example, the capoeira demonstrates their art at the Brazilian carnival in Rio.

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