Cancer Type Which Successfully Fights Modern Medicine

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When cancer type is quite difficult to make accurate predictions, but modern medicine has achieved significant results in the treatment of some cancers.

Full recovery is impossible in the case of cancer type, as difficult to give a 100% guarantee that the disease will not come back again, and doctors usually say «remission», meaning victory over the disease, but the likelihood of recurrence is still there.

It is believed that after five years of successful treatment of cancer in humans decreases the likelihood of recurrence of the disease.

Today there is cancer type, with which modern medicine is fighting quite successfully

Prostate cancer is characterized by slow development. If the tumor is not growing, the doctor may not prescribe medication, just to watch her. Usually, after detection of the disease, patients live quite a normal life for a few years, but the cause of death is often quite different.

Almost 100% of prostate cancer patients live 5 years or more.

Cancer Type Which Successfully Fights Modern Medicine

If cancer cells are struck by other organs or tissues, the disease, in this case, is difficult to treat, but metastasis is extremely rare because modern diagnostic techniques can detect cancer in the early stages.

Basically, there are 2 methods to verify the diagnosis — a rectal examination and a blood test (PSA test). It should be noted that the PSA test detects levels of a certain protein, excess performance can occur for various reasons, so the unnecessary analysis is not assigned.

Symptoms of the disease are difficulty urinating, or blood in the urine impurities.

In cancer of the thyroid, depending on the cancer type, also a high percentage of survival. The thyroid gland is the body. The most common type of cancer of the body is considered to be papillary, characterized by slow development. Another feature of the disease is that even during germination tumor to other organs or tissues, physicians successfully treat the disease with surgery.

It is extremely rare anaplastic thyroid cancer, in which 5 years or more live only 7% of patients.

This type of cancer is detected by means of palpation during the inspection of specialist or yourself as a tumor can be detected by ultrasound. The main symptoms of cancer are difficulty breathing and swallowing.

With testicular cancer are also quite capable of successfully fight modern medicine.

At the initial stage of the disease, the tumor is removed surgically. If cancer struck the adjacent organs or tissue, use of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Cancer Type Which Successfully Fights Modern Medicine

Today, there are effective treatments for testicular cancer that allow patients to live more than 5 years from the date of detection. The development of cancer indicates an increase in or the appearance of testicular tumor formation.

Melanoma is detected in the early stages without much effort because malignancy begins to grow on the skin. The treatment is to remove the tumors. Late detection of melanoma cancer cells when struck by other tissues and organs, the 5-year mark overcome only about 20% of patients.

Melanoma is a large, three-dimensional formation, usually dark in color and unusual shape.

With breast cancer medicine manages no less successful. Today, doctors know much more about the diagnosis and treatments of the disease. Also, recently more deeply we investigated the mechanisms of pathology and established drugs that help to effectively cope with different types of breast cancer.

Early detection greatly increases the chances of successful treatment, some types of cancer more amenable to treatment, in comparison with others.

Breast cancer type helps identify regular mammograms — experts recommend carrying out a survey to all women after 45 years.

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