Blood test will reveal a five-year risk of heart attack

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The research team from the National Institute for the study of Peter and Paul Fortress and the lungs (National Heart and Lung Institute) has developed a test that determines the likelihood of myocardial infarction within five years.

The authors found that the likelihood of cardiovascular disease in those patients in whom the blood was increased concentration of immunoglobulin G, were much higher than those with levels of these antibodies has been lowered.

Blood test will reveal a five-year risk of heart attack

Dr. Ramzi Khamis (Ramzi Khamis) and his colleagues for five years watching the 1753 volunteers. They found that people with higher concentrations of IgG in the blood, a heart attack developed on 58% more, and stroke, or other cardiovascular disease were more frequent at 38%.

Test developers believe that its use in clinical practice will help to quickly identify people at risk in the future doctors will be able to draw on their state of attention. Timely initiated prevention can help prevent the development of heart problems.

Recently, tests based on blood tests, there are increasing. Even the technique of diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease, endometriosis, and even depression. However, none of them has not yet started to be used in clinical practice.

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