Best Chilled Drinks in the Heat

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When the street suffocating heat, there is one desire — something to drink from the glass fogged with the cold walls. What drinks are best cooled in the heat?

Tea with ice

This tea is not only save you from the heat, but also to support the work of the heart and bring toxins. After all, it is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, which help to prolong youth and maintain health. In addition, neutral drink is able to quench your thirst after two or three sips.

Tea «Fruit boom»

Brew a strong green tea and cool it. Prepare tall glasses, put on the bottom slices of lemon and mint. Pour the tea and add ice cubes. Add finely chopped grapefruit and orange. Pour the drink in a couple of art. spoons of pomegranate juice.

Tea «Sea Breeze»

Brew green tea and strain. Coarsely chop the mint, add to tea with sugar (to taste). Big green apple cut into cubes, add to hot tea with a slice of lime. Cover the tea and cool. It served a drink in a glass with ice.

Best Chilled Drinks in the Heat


Another great way to quench your thirst — drink a glass or two of lemonade. To prepare the classic version of lemonade need only lemon syrup and soda. But there are recipes and interesting.

Lemonade «Soviet»

Squeeze the juice of two lemons, and what’s left of them, cut into slices, arrange on a baking sheet, sprinkle with a little sugar and sprinkle with water. Preheat oven to 170 ° C and send to lemons and bake 30 minutes. Lemons cool and grind blender. The resulting mass is put into a jug, pour 1.5 cups of cold boiled water, add the juice of lemons. Infuse for about 4 hours. Add sugar (to taste), pour 1.5 liters of soda and stir. Serve chilled drink.

Vitamin «Mojito»

Lime cut into large slices and send in glass 0.5 liter. Add chopped strawberries and mint. The contents of the glass mash with ordinary spoon. Fill the glass with crushed small to mid-ice. Pour 1-2 tbsp here. spoon of any fruit syrup and mix. Add a glass of soda water and lemon juice. Garnish with mint leaves and slices of strawberries.

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