Barley bread — an excellent remedy for diabetes and obesity prevention

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Barley began to cultivate in ancient Egypt, where barley flour baked cakes. But now, when the vast majority of types of barley bread baked from wheat flour, barley flour has not lost its relevance, because it is much more useful.

At one time, 10-15 years ago, the appearance on the market of home appliances such as an unusual novelty homemade barley bread maker revived interest in baking bread for the inhabitants of the planet. But the fascinating hobby can be turned into a hobby that brings great benefit to both the health of the «baker», as members of his family.

Why scientists recommended baking barley bread?

Swedish scientists have strongly recommended for baking barley bread add wheat or rye flour fair share of barley flour from whole grains. This flour is obtained by grinding grain once purified from the upper shells (peeled barley), without sieving.

Barley bread - an excellent remedy for diabetes and obesity prevention

This flour (and consequently derived from her bakery) contains a lot of useful fiber, vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances, which are largely lost in the preparation of a «noble» white flour.

Researchers from the Lund University in Sweden were invited to participate in the experiment, more than 20 men and women of middle age. All of them are first subjected to a thorough medical examination, and then for 3 days at breakfast, lunch and dinner, ate bread with a high content of barley flour from whole grains. Such bread baked scientists themselves, using their own recipe.

11-14 hours after the last meal in all participants were selected for the analysis of blood samples for glucose, insulin, and chronic inflammation markers. The test is also before the experiment several times, and in its course to answer questions specific questionnaires to assess their feelings of hunger.

Scientists from Lund reported that consumption of whole wheat barley bread with the addition of barley flour resulted in a marked decrease in blood glucose levels, increasing insulin sensitivity of the cells to reduce inflammation and markers. These positive effects were maintained for about 14 hours after the last use of barley bread. The uncouth black barley bread is also very effective in providing rich.

The researchers also found that the consumption of bread of barley flour to an increase in the number of species Prevotella copy bacteria in the intestinal microflora. These bacteria have the ability to influence the metabolism of the human body so that an increase their population decreases in blood glucose concentration — accordingly reduce the risk of developing diabetes type 2.

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