Bad habits: own and their others

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When someone needed «a man without bad habits» — for work or marriage, we mean the absence of a standard set of troubles: smoking — alcoholism — drug addiction. Against the background of picking his nose is considered quite an innocent pastime. Although useful and valuable skill it also will not name.

A typical example — a workaholic on vacation: it is confused, constantly suppresses the urge to call work and learn how it is there, dear without him, did not know what to do and even stunned the outside world.

In short, bad habits, there much more than we think. But they are perfectly amenable to sorting according to the degree of damage to his own body, and the degree of unacceptability for organisms others — in fact, this is the most «killer» in any bad habits. So…

Secret a passion! No one is noticeable, not bringing death and destruction habit, which usually indulge in solitude. This approaches anything from masturbation addiction to 30 times a day to update own picture of friends. What’s terrible, pray tell? And if about your secret weakness no one found out, your reputation in the eyes of the public remains intact.

Familiar autopilot! This group includes all the same, harmless unconscious actions that we carry out «on the machine»: a tendency to bite his nails, permanent «Well … this» or «uh …» at the beginning of each phrase, habit is to meet with a thirty-minute delay. The cause of these habits is often a simple lack of ability to control him. In others, these habits do not cause any excitement. But we are not in a hurry to get rid of their addictions — have something they do not irritate.

Bad, Bad habits!

Bad habits: own and their others

They may annoy others, and for your own body’s unprofitable. In addition to standard attachment to tobacco, alcohol or drugs, this group includes and unrequited love to the «one-armed bandits» in the womb which moves half of the monthly income, and the habit of the stroke of midnight to empty the fridge. Some of these bad habits can worsen so much that goes into the final stage: the dependence.

Am I free?

In fact, the dependencies are much more than it seems at first glance. Our daily need for air, food and water — is also a kind of addiction.

What we modestly call these relationships «basic needs», it does not change the fact: without them we will meet to live long.

Another thing is the more «basic needs» by us. When alcohol, nicotine or any chemicals slowly incorporated into the metabolism. That is, the forced or voluntary parting with a bad habit provokes the «break-up» — a purely physiological discomfort.

Bad habits: own and their others

No less difficult can be experienced psychological dependence on own habit. A typical example — a workaholic on vacation: it is confused, constantly suppresses the urge to call work and learn how it is there, dear without him, did not know what to do and even stunned the outside world.

What is not forbidden — is allowed

Some bad habits are known for the fact that on them is big and bold public ban. This includes, for example, the use of drugs. Caught — and write letters. They say fall those dependent on which acts on the human destructive only social status and public disapproved of bad habits. Only this controversial statement. Alcoholism leads to the same degree of degradation as hard drugs, though not so fast.

Curious thing is that in different societies list of socially censured and socially allowed defects may be very different. For example, in the Muslim world strictly punished drinking: put in the Emirates prison in Iran first imprisonment, and the third time — the death penalty in Libya is executed immediately, without any precautionary measures. This is a tribute to tradition: the Qur’an refers to the use of alcohol purely negative. However, in the vast majority of Arab countries, no one would object to a little relaxation (although technically there is a penalty for it).

In our country, completely prohibit the use of alcohol twice — one in 1905 and the second — in 1985. Both times these bans followed the collapse of the state — first the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union.

In Western European countries is the different emphasis. They are trying to limit smoking. But do it with the amendment on a general political correctness. That is, in jail for smoking on the street, of course, but will have to pay a fine decent.

The most interesting are that there is no society in which are banned all possible bad habits that lead to dependence. Such a society would simply fall apart. When a person is not given any opportunity to relax (even hypothetical), it inevitably leads to a strong splash of the accumulated negative emotions. That is, in an uncontrolled explosion.

Meanwhile, the ability to relax is not the main reason that people are given the power of bad habits and addictions.


The dependence, like any disease, there are people prone and not very much. Who’s at risk?

Firstly, people infantile, growing up reluctantly. They are pleased when there is someone able to solve their problem. And if there is no «one», it will replace the «something» — for example, a bad habit, which can be used to temporarily ignore the problem. It was on such potential dependent perfectly valid advertising using clichés: «ate — and solved all problems.»

Secondly, the dependent are people who are not able to anything currently refuse. Also very common children’s quality! «I want — and that’s it!» — They said at the age of three. And twenty years later, they «sit down», for example, in a loving relationship with their chosen person — and cannot break, despite the fact that all the joy of these relationships has long vanished.

And the last group of risk is lazy emotional and intellectual. These guys most difficult to «jump» to the acquired habit, even if it does not give them anything. Such smoking, as they like to say, «that hands have been busy.»

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