Bad Breath 2016: Causes and How to Get Rid of Him

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Sustained bad breath 2016 is a problem not only physical health but also mental. A man who knows that every time you exhale, and every word uttered them on the unpleasant smell surrounding the falls, very soon begins to experience a real inferiority complex. He may have problems in the workplace, problems in his personal life and may eventually develop self-doubt and a real neurosis.

But equally, if not more important, it is the fact that halitosis (as doctors call this phenomenon) may be the only symptom of not only dental caries or periodontal disease, but also a very serious disease of the internal organs and metabolic disorders.

Therefore, if the odor from the mouth cannot get rid of by changing the diet and chewing gum and all kinds of «breath freshener» in the form of aerosol cans provide only temporary relief, do not hesitate to visit a doctor. Start with a visit to the dentist is better, as the most common, but not the sole cause of bad breath 2016 are still diseases of teeth and gums.

Symptoms of halitosis: bad breath 2016

Sporadic occurrence of «exhaust» from the mouth, is not associated with the use of hard liquor the day before, there are most people. In this case, the cause of bad breath 2016 can be a banal failure to comply with hygiene after eating the food, especially the «street» — hot dogs, kebabs, pies and the like.

The appearance of bad breath 2016 and promotes acute gingivitis — inflammation of the gum tissue, which can be caused by trauma to her broken tooth or toothbrush bristles. (On the role in the development of chronic gingivitis halitosis will be discussed separately).

Bad Breath 2016: Causes and How to Get Rid of Him

In such cases, a few days later, when the inflammation subsides, disappears and the foul odor.

About halitosis can talk when bad breath 2016 becomes permanent — and the use of chewing gum and other «radical» means to eliminate it for a few minutes.

It is worth mentioning that many people suffering from halitosis, and unaware of his presence — in this case, a frank observation work colleagues or loved one can lead to very unpleasant discovery and cause psychological problems mentioned above.

By halitosis in medical understanding does not include those cases of odor from the mouth, which are caused by the culinary preferences of people — for example, the habit of eating raw onions or garlic every time or almost every meal. In such circumstances, the rejection of «defiant» smelling products quickly leads to the normalization of breath.

Causes of halitosis

In most cases, halitosis is still associated with the state of the teeth and gums. The reason for it may be the remains of food rotting in the «hollows» of carious teeth, the bacteria that live in the so-called biofilms — clusters millions of bacteria, tightly connected to each other, which are formed on the teeth when not carefully caring for them.

In some cases, bad breath 2016 is associated with chronic inflammatory diseases of the gums — a chronic gingivitis and especially periodontitis, in which the decomposition of the blood released in the gingival pocket and microscopic fragments of dead tissue of the gums.

His contribution to education made by the stench and bacteria that live in the mouth. Microbes recycle all undeleted using brushing and mouthwash tiny remnants of food — and the unpleasant odor breathing gives bacterial products.

In addition to all the above, the cause of halitosis can become chronically inflamed tonsils (tonsils). These category «nasopharyngeal» reasons include sinusitis and other chronic inflammatory sinuses.

It should also be mentioned that dry mouth can also cause halitosis become. In the absence of normal salivary bacteria and their waste products are not washed off by saliva, and remain in the mouth, leading to the emergence of persistent halitosis.

Permanent dry mouth can be caused by breathing through the mouth (in chronic rhinitis or adenoids), and taking certain medications (eg, for the treatment of hypertension — high blood pressure), which leads to dehydration.

Finally, bad breath 2016 can cause chronic diseases of internal organs — and not only the lungs or stomach but authorities do not have «direct communication» with the environment (liver, kidneys).

Often a particular breath is observed in patients with diabetes.

In recent years, due to the growing popularity of various «miracle» diets (often useless and even dangerous to health) increased the number of people who have halitosis is caused by intentional dietary restrictions.

Diagnosis and treatment of halitosis: bad breath 2016

As a general rule, a person who realized that «flavor» of his breath makes others uncomfortable feelings, first refers to the dentist, which in principle is correct, because as has been said, in most cases, the cause of halitosis is inadequate care of the teeth and gums.

Treatment of caries, periodontal disease, and gingivitis leads to the disappearance of breath, but in the future to avoid recurrence should strictly observe all of the some simple and effective rules that we learn in childhood.

Bad Breath 2016: Causes and How to Get Rid of Him

This thorough brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day, and flossing (for some reason did not become popular with us), mouthwash and sugarless gum.

If all carious teeth are sealed, removed plaque and gums do not bleed, and breath has not disappeared anywhere — will have to address to the therapist.

Modern diagnostic methods enable to detect the disease, which is the root cause of halitosis.

Removal of the tonsils infected with chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis, and getting rid of sinusitis, treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, normalization of blood glucose levels — all of these measures will not only get rid of bad breath but also will help strengthen overall health.

In conclusion, it is useful to note that there is such a thing as «false halitosis» when a person begins to torment the obsession that his mouth smells bad, when in fact it is not.

Cure «false halitosis» for obvious reasons are engaged exclusively in psychiatry.

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