Bacterial Lung Infection Symptoms: Fungal, Bacterial, Viral

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Often bacterial lung infection symptoms are the result of complications of other illnesses, sometimes — as the independent disease. If it may be affected are one or both lobes of the lung.

In the case of pneumonia — complications of acute bronchitis, the bronchial tubes and are amazed. Systemic diseases, flu, emphysema, diabetes, cancer, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract are favorable factors for infection in the lungs.

Types of the bacterial lung infection symptoms

Lung infection, depending on the type of agent, subdivided as follows:

Bacterial Lung Infection Symptoms: Fungal, Bacterial, Viral

  • Fungus, caused by Aspergillus are — fungi or candida — yeast-like fungi;
  • Bacterial caused by various bacteria — streptococci, pneumococci, and sometimes gut, Pseudomonas aeruginosin, Haemophilus influenza, plague, and stick Pfeiffer;
  • Viral-induced by different viruses.

Fungal: bacterial lung infection symptoms

The bacterial lung infection symptoms — fungal pneumonia may result from a person inhaling air containing mold, or eating foods contaminated with fungi. Therefore, being in damp, poorly ventilated rooms, the walls of which are dotted with spores of molds contraindicated in people with weak immune systems. If a product suddenly appeared mold, it must be carefully cut, if it is impossible — it is better to throw out the affected product. More often it occurs when activating fungi genus Candida, constantly present on the mucous membranes. They begin to multiply rapidly and affect various organs of the weakening of the immune system.

Bacterial Lung Infection Symptoms: Fungal, Bacterial, Viral

Striking a fungal infection of the lungs especially people with chronic respiratory diseases is asthma. Patients older generation and children suffer most from the disease. The impetus for the disease may serve as tonsillitis, tooth decay, poor diet, long-term use of antibiotics, many of which kill beneficial bacteria, weakening the body’s defenses. The use of eye and ear drops and ointments with antibacterial activity, broad-acting drugs also contributes to the development of the disease.

Bacterial lung infection symptoms and viral infections

Often bacterial lung infection symptoms are manifested under the influence of the factors adversely affecting the well-being. There is overcooling, drafts, great physical and psychological stress, and severe intoxication. Thus are activated microbes that live in large quantities in the upper airways that cause disease pneumonia. When the viral infection of prolonged is sitting at home, without access to fresh air, smoking, alcohol, intake of immunosuppressive drugs increases the probability of disease.

The bacterial lung infection symptoms

Bacterial Lung Infection Symptoms: Fungal, Bacterial, Viral

The most obvious signs of pneumonia are the sudden sharp rise in temperature, chest pain, shortness of breath, cough. The bacterial lung infection symptoms caused by various pathogens are somewhat different. When bacterial immediately strongly temperature rises, there is a strong fever, weakness, headache, shallow breathing. When coughing sputum is stands brown. Due to the lack of oxygen can cause cyanosis of the lips.

Viral pneumonia bacterial lung infection symptoms are the most simple and well-treatable form. It is characterized by symptoms of the common cold, fever, chest pain and cough. It has similar attributes and fungal pneumonia. For some, there is a strong sweating, the ache in the joints. Sometimes the initial stage symptoms are not apparent. A person may not be aware of the emerging serious illness, and it is revealed during the passage of the X-ray examination.

Diagnostics: bacterial lung infection symptoms

Questioning the patient, measuring the temperature, listening to the lungs using a stethoscope held by a physician in the primary treatment of the sick. For accurate diagnosis of the disease are necessary X-rays, which even in the absence of visible signs of darkening will be visible indicating the progression of the disease. Fungal infection of Aspergillus colony will also be seen in the picture. In some cases are conducted laboratory studies of sputum samples to establish the true culprit of the disease.

Treatment: bacterial lung infection symptoms

Treatment depends on the type of disease. When the viral nature of the disease is shown:

  • Strict bed rest;
  • Drinking plenty of fluids, better cranberry juice and tea with raspberries, birch sap;
  • Diet including vegetable soups, porridges on water, boiled vegetables and fish, fruit;
  • Receiving analgesic, expectorant, and in the case of high-temperature increases — antipyretics.

Bacterial lung infection symptoms require more serious treatment. The patient may be hospitalized to undergo under medical supervision treated with antibiotics. The effect of the antibiotic selected should be visible within a day. If the selected drug has no proper action is assigned to the other. In the protracted course of the disease, the drug should be replaced every 5-6 days of treatment. In severe cases, it may be given oxygen. After removing the severe manifestations is the possible appointment of physiotherapy. Good nutrition, mustard, banks and other types of heating helps to quickly cure.

Fungal pneumonia bacterial lung infection symptoms are treated with antifungal drugs. Showing vitamins, restorative procedures, any means of enhancing immunity. Antibiotics for fungal pneumonia contraindicated. Difficult to consider cases in which the lung is found a whole colony of Aspergillus, the danger of which is to spread the fungus with the blood throughout the body. Severe damage to the heart, kidneys, brain, bones can become about the consequences. Therefore, in the most difficult cases, removal eumycetomas are colonies of Aspergillus surgically.

Prevention: bacterial lung infection symptoms

Against pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine exists. Recommend it to the elderly and chronically ill. Vaccination of people, who are not at risk, is usually not carried out. Virus infections can be avoided, to be vaccinated against influenza A. The only exception being in damp areas affected by fungi, eating foods contaminated with mold will help to avoid a form of fungal infection.

To prevent the development of disease appointed multivitamins biostimulants, immune-correctors. Healthy lifestyles, active exercise, exercise, breathing exercises, proper nutrition, and the rejection is all kinds of bad habits. Also, all the tools that strengthen the immune system help to not catch an infection of the lungs.

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