Antidepressants As a Cure For Old Age

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In the US, a group of researchers following a series of experiments said some antidepressants have a rejuvenating effect. It is worth noting that earlier scholars have advanced the theory about the ability of antidepressants influence the aging process, but it is scientifically proven specialists from the University of California. The first experiments in this field, scientists decided to hold on nematode worms, which are quite a long time administered mianserin — tetracyclic antidepressant, resulting in an increased lifespan of worms by 40%.

 The researchers decided not to stop and to better understand the effect of modern antidepressants

Scientists are particularly interested in the principle of mianserin lifespan of worms. Further experiments showed that the drug promotes the activation of a particular gene, which slows down the aging of the whole organism.

Antidepressants As a Cure For Old Age

Next, the scientists decided to conduct an experiment on laboratory rats, and the results were the same, ie, rejuvenating effect of antidepressants is also manifested in the case of mammals. The following experiments were carried out with the participation of people already, a group of volunteers at the age of 26 years took mianserin, and the researchers also noted a significant improvement in the body of the study participants.

US scientists suggest that the basis for future drugs against aging can be antidepressants, and they emphasize the high efficiency of these drugs.

Aging is probably one of the most important issues of concern to humanity, especially its fine half. Many women are ready for any cosmetic procedures for improvement of the skin, but not always, even the most expensive tools are really effective. In the US, a team of researchers recently found that wrinkles and puffiness on the face to help remove not modern beauty treatments or expensive cream. According to scientists, to look better, you need only change the pillow with a soft stiff.

Antidepressants As a Cure For Old Age

Experts say that women pay special attention to the choice of the mattress, the main criterion is the softness of the pillows, but this is a mistake. A full night’s sleep directly affects not only the domestic state but also on the external, experts believe. Soft pillows disrupt blood flow during sleep, resulting in the face begin to show wrinkles and swelling. Therefore, experts recommend pay attention not only on the mattress but also on the pillow and give preference to solid, while many health problems and appearance will remain in the past.

Swiss scientists believe that the secret lies in the genes of youth. They have been able to identify fish, roundworms and mice for about 30 common genes responsible for longevity. As scientists assume, to the aging process affect these genes and if you learn how to work on them, you can simply «turn off» the aging process. Experts believe that similar genes must be a man, and research in this area continues.

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