An easy way to detect all heart disease

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Researchers from the UK have developed a new genetic test to diagnose hereditary heart disease

Researchers from the British Heart Foundation have developed a blood test that determines all of the genes that cause hereditary heart disease, according to «Orthodox».

This genetic test is more affordable and easier to use. All currently existing tests can identify a small number of genes; they are aimed at finding a specific disease.

How the scientists to detect heart disease?

An easy way to detect all heart disease

The British Heart Foundation last month launched the Miles Foundation Frost in memory of the son of Sir David Frost (famous journalist, famous for his interview with US President Richard Nixon) Miles (pictured), who died due to undiagnosed heart disorder in time called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Relatives believe that Miles had inherited the disease from his father. Hereditary heart disease affects people of all ages, threatening their health and life.

For many people, the first sign that they have inherited heart disease is the death of a close relative, which occurs suddenly and without any rational explanation. Genetic testing of family members allows you to set the mutated gene, and therefore, a person can get treatment that protects it from premature death. A new blood test aimed at identifying the 174 fatal genes.

An easy way to detect all heart disease

With the development of science and technology, scientists determine more and more genetic mutations that cause the disease. This is rapidly developing area whose main purpose is to increase the accuracy of the diagnosis. It saving lives and preventing serious diseases.

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